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Open Projects

Signature Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
28/11/2017 Building resilience of smallholder farmers by increasing small grains production and productivity
Zimbabwe 428 040 Pooled Fund OSRO/ZIM/702/WFP
28/11/2017 Collaboration with InsuResilience on Absorb pillar of the UN Climate Resilience (A2R)
Global 235 002 Germany OSRO/GLO/707/GER
17/11/2017 Solar Energy for Agriculture in Gaza
West Bank & Gaza Strip 940 378 The Netherlands OSRO/GAZ/704/NET
17/11/2017 FAO's Emergency Response to the Refugees Crisis in Uganda
Uganda 769 230 Austria OSRO/UGA/703/AUS
16/11/2017 Appui aux mécanismes endogènes pour le dialogue communautaire et à l`amélioration des conditions économiques des populations vulnérables
Madagascar 1 197 731 UN Peacebuilding Fund OSRO/MAG/702/PBF
15/11/2017 Strengthening the role of women in peace building through natural resources management
Yemen 1 000 000 UN Peacebuilding Fund UNJP/YEM/038/PBF
09/11/2017 Increase resilience of vulnerable communities to the effects of El Niño in Mozambique
Mozambique 1 768 868 Austria OSRO/MOZ/703/AUS
31/10/2017 Projet d'amélioration des conditions de vie des populations affectées par la crise centrafricaine au Tchad
Chad 154 503 Pooled Fund OSRO/CHD/706/CHA
26/10/2017 Emergency support to restore the fisheries sector and to protect the livelihoods of the most vulnerable fisher folk affected by Hurricane Maria
Dominica 100 000 Belgium OSRO/DMI/703/BEL
25/10/2017 Development and Piloting of an Animal Health-Emergency Operations Center (AH-EOC) Framework
Cameroon - Global 1 133 244 United States of America OSRO/GLO/706/USA
12/10/2017 Emergency support for the immediate restoration of food production in Dominica after Hurricane Maria
Dominica 299 249 Pooled Fund OSRO/DMI/701/CHA
12/10/2017 Fight against famine in Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan, northeastern Nigeria
Global - Nigeria - Somalia - South Sudan - Yemen 1 000 000 Kuwait OSRO/GLO/704/KUW
09/10/2017 Assistance d`urgence aux moyens d`existence et à la sécuritaire alimentaire des PDI retournés
Central African Republic 700 011 Pooled Fund OSRO/CAF/706/CHA
06/10/2017 Emergency support to rehabilitate food security and livelihoods of people affected by IRMA in Cuba
Cuba 300 000 Belgium OSRO/CUB/702/BEL
04/10/2017 Peacebuilding for sustainable reintegration in Burundi
Burundi 500 000 UN Peacebuilding Fund UNJP/BDI/043/PBF
03/10/2017 Appui à la production alimentaire d'urgence en vue de sauver des vies et protéger les moyens d'existence des ménages victimes des conflits armées interethniques en République démocratique du Congo
Democratic Republic of the Congo 1 697 989 Pooled Fund OSRO/DRC/706/CHA
02/10/2017 Appui à la prevention et à la gestion pacifique des conflits en Côte d'Ivoire
Côte d'Ivoire 134 489 UNDP IVC/18/001//01/34
01/10/2017 Appui à la participation des jeunes dans le processus de stabilisation et de réconciliation des communautés et à la promotion de la paix
Central African Republic 622 740 UNDP UNJP/CAF/017/UNJ
29/09/2017 Emergency support for the immediate restoration of food production in the municipalities most affected by hurricane Irma
Cuba 746 142 Pooled Fund OSRO/CUB/701/CHA
28/09/2017 Emergency support for small-scale livestock farmers in flood-affected communities of Bangladesh
Bangladesh 300 000 Belgium OSRO/BGD/703/BEL
27/09/2017 Emergency food security and livelihood support to vulnerable communities in Syria
Syria 2 500 000 United States of America OSRO/SYR/710/USA
22/09/2017 Emergency Assistance to Respond to Outbreak of Date palm green pit-scale in Libya
Libya, State of 157 520 IOM OSRO/LIB/702/IOM
22/09/2017 Restoring and strengthening resilience of vulnerable households affected by acute food insecurity in Burundi
Burundi 3 605 770 United Kingdom OSRO/BDI/702/UK
20/09/2017 Emergency livelihood response for Cyclone Mora affected households in Bangladesh
Bangladesh 310 880 Pooled Fund OSRO/BGD/702/OPS
14/09/2017 Improved resilience, food and nutrition security of smallholder women and men farmers in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe 2 191 288 United States of America OSRO/ZIM/701/USA