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Open Projects

Signature Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
06/12/2016 Protection, réhabilitation et diversification des moyens d'existence des populations affectées par l'ouragan Matthew en Haïti
Haiti 3 184 715 Belgium OSRO/HAI/607/BEL
05/12/2016 Support to FAO's One Health initiative: Rift Valley Fever preparedness in West Africa
Global 79 618 Ireland OSRO/GLO/604/IRE
02/12/2016 Support to agricultural recovery of the most vulnerable households and revival of the local economy
Central African Republic 7 499 999 United Kingdom OSRO/CAF/605/UK
01/12/2016 Enhancing human security in the councils in the far northern region in Cameroon
Cameroon 666 182 UNDP UNJP/CMR/040/UNO
25/11/2016 Promotion of Agriculture livelihoods and employment
Lebanon 8 250 000 The Netherlands OSRO/LEB/602/NET
24/11/2016 Improving rural livelihoods, nutrition and food security for refugees and internally displaced persons
Iraq 1 616 924 Germany OSRO/IRQ/603/GER
23/11/2016 Urgent asset protection support to safeguard livestock-based livelihoods in drought-affected communities in Ethiopia
Ethiopia 374 080 Canada OSRO/ETH/610/CAN
22/11/2016 Upgrading the technical agriculture education system in Lebanon
Lebanon 5 200 000 The Netherlands OSRO/LEB/601/NET
18/11/2016 Emergency response to the El Niño-induced drought in Lesotho
Lesotho 1 100 000 Unilateral Trust Fund UTF /LES/054/LES
16/11/2016 Analyse des dispositifs locaux de Réduction de risques de catastrophe (RRC) au Sahel
Regional Africa 443 952 European Union OSRO/RAF/606/EC
08/11/2016 Enhancement of post-disaster needs assessment methodologies at entity level
Bosnia and Herzegovina 38 470 Switzerland OSRO/BIH/601/SWI
07/11/2016 Improvement of poor household food secuirty through provision of small-scale chicken
Syria 700 000 Pooled Fund OSRO/SYR/610/CHA
05/11/2016 Support to improve food security, protect agricultural livelihoods and build resilience of crisis-affected people and host communities in Syria
Syria 1 600 854 Germany OSRO/SYR/701/GER
01/11/2016 Strengthening smallholder farmers' value chains in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Democratic Republic of the Congo 4 568 900 Pooled Fund UNJP/DRC/056/WFP
28/10/2016 Emergency support with immediate impact on agricultural livelihoods for people living in urban and suburban areas in Cuba
Cuba 419 148 Pooled Fund OSRO/CUB/601/CHA
28/10/2016 Accompagnement des ex-combattants demobilises pour leur reintegration socio-economique
Democratic Republic of the Congo 1 280 740 Unilateral Trust Fund UTF /DRC/055/DRC
24/10/2016 Emergency agriculture and food security assistance to crisis-affected people in Syria
Syria 1 500 000 Pooled Fund OSRO/SYR/606/CHA
24/10/2016 Livelihoods Support to Vulnerable Women & Girl IDPs and returnee households in Nigeria
Nigeria 200 000 Pooled Fund OSRO/NIR/607/UWN
21/10/2016 Appui d'urgence pour accroître la résilience des communautés en proie aux conflits armés
Democratic Republic of the Congo 500 000 Belgium OSRO/DRC/606/BEL
20/10/2016 Enhancing the food security situation in Pakistan
Pakistan 496 690 European Union OSRO/PAK/602/EC
19/10/2016 Emergency agricultural assistance to family farmers affected by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti
Haiti 876 097 Pooled Fund OSRO/HAI/605/CHA
18/10/2016 Support to the Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit (FSNAU) for Somalia- Phase VII OCHA Contribution
Somalia 500 000 Pooled Fund OSRO/SOM/612/CHS
17/10/2016 Emergency agricultural livelihoods support to South Sudanese refugee influx and host communities in Uganda
Uganda 500 000 Belgium OSRO/UGA/602/BEL
14/10/2016 Aide d'urgence (FOGO): Protéger et restaurer les moyens d' existence et d'accroître la résilience
Cape Verde 1 000 000 African Development Bank OSRO/CVI/601/AFB
01/10/2016 Technical Support to Stakeholder Capacity Development for Implementation of Pakistan's National DRR Policy
Pakistan 2 647 001 United Kingdom OSRO/PAK/601/UK