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Open Projects

Signature Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
26/03/2014 Protection and mixed solution for internal displaced person in Eastern of Chad
Chad 299 573 CERF OSRO/CHD/402/CHA
25/03/2014 CAR Emergency Food Crisis Response and Agriculture Re-Launch Project (SUPPLIES)
Central African Republic 4 920 000 World Bank UTF/CAF/011/CAF
24/03/2014 Emergency and recovery support in Regions severely affected by Typhoon Haiyan
Philippines 4 950 496 United Kingdom OSRO/PHI/402/UK
24/03/2014 "Support the FSL Sector interventions to restore and improve food security and livelihoods of extremely vulnerable rural communities in Darfur region and in the three Protocol Areas
Sudan 1 950 000 Pooled Fund OSRO/SUD/407/CHF
21/03/2014 Rehabilitation and urgent sanitary treatment of livestock in hihg risk, affected by floods in Beni
Bolivia 235 954 CERF OSRO/BOL/401/CHA
19/03/2014 Resuming agriculture and income opportunities for communities affected by the crisis in selected areas mainly in the prefectures Vakaga, Bamingui Bangora, Nana Gribizi, Ouham, Ouham Pende, Ombella Poko, Ouaka and Kemo
Central African Republic 6 600 000 United Kingdom OSRO/CAF/408/UK
18/03/2014 Emergency Livelihood Support to Crisis affected populations in South Sudan
South Sudan 13 696 370 United Kingdom OSRO/SSD/404/UK
17/03/2014 CAR Emergency Food Crisis Response and Agriculture Re-Launch Project
Central African Republic 8 000 000 Unilateral Trust Fund - World Bank UTF /CAF/010/CAF
13/03/2014 Emergency support to promote households food security and early recovery of sustainable livelihoods
Philippines 2 990 000 Japan OSRO/PHI/401/JPN
12/03/2014 Strengthening institutional capacity for and improving inter-sectoral collaboration, coordination, and communication for effective prevention and control rabies in Viet Nam
Vietnam 90 000 WSPA OSRO/VIE/401/WPA
12/03/2014 Emergency support to improve food security and nutrition of vulnerable farming families during 2014 main cropping season
Democratic People's Republic of Korea 999 572 CERF OSRO/DRK/401/CHA
12/03/2014 Support to Food Production and Nutritution for the Conflict-affected Population in Kachin State
Myanmar 198 501 CERF OSRO/MYA/401/CHA
10/03/2014 Renforcement de la Résilience des populations vulnérables au Niger
Niger 328 317 France OSRO/NER/401/FRA
06/03/2014 Emergency Agricultural Assistance to South Sudanese refugees in Northern Uganda
Uganda 299 650 CERF OSRO/UGA/401/CHA
05/03/2014 Assistance immédiate aux populations vulnérables au Mali par la restauration de leur productivité agro-aquacole et l'amélioration de la sécurité alimentaire
Mali 2 000 000 Japan OSRO/MLI/402/JPN
04/03/2014 Assistance agricole d'urgence pour restaurer la sécurité alimentaire des populations affectées par la crise à travers des distributions de kits maraichers et vivriers en Centrafrique
Central African Republic 1 313 091 CERF OSRO/CAF/404/CHA
24/02/2014 Emergency Agricultural Support to vulnerable households in Cabo Verde, The Gambia, Guinea Bissau and Senegal affected by food insecurity and malnutrition
Regional Africa 2 000 000 Japan OSRO/RAF/401/JPN
21/02/2014 Emergency Assistance to Strengthen Veterinary Services and Mitigate the Deterioration of the Animal Health Situation in Syria
Syria 675 000 Belgium OSRO/SYR/401/BEL
20/02/2014 Sustainable Return and reintegration of Rwandan Returnees
Rwanda 311 904 UNDP UNJP/RWA/031/UNJ
18/02/2014 Nutrition Material development for Agriculture Workers in Ethiopia
Ethiopia 120 001 Pooled Fund OSRO/ETH/401/WFP
18/02/2014 2014 Armyworm Outbreak Response in Malawi
Malawi 274 915 Pooled Fund OSRO/MLW/401/UNJ
14/02/2014 Assistance agricole aux populations victimes des inondations en Guinée
Guinea 1 000 000 Japan OSRO/GUI/401/JPN
14/02/2014 FAO Resilience Programme - Humanitarian Assistance for African Countries
Somalia 1 000 000 Japan OSRO/SOM/402/JPN
14/02/2014 Early recovery and resilience building of flood affected Communities
Ethiopia 500 000 Japan OSRO/ETH/403/JPN
12/02/2014 Enhanced coordination and emergency response in South Sudan
South Sudan 1 000 000 United States of America OSRO/SSD/403/USA