Projets ouvert

Signature Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
19/09/2019 Foundations for rebuilding seed systems post Cyclone Idai: Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi
Global 385 404 Germany OSRO/GLO/908/GER
18/09/2019 Appui d'urgence à la restauration immédiate des moyens d'existence au Mali
Mali 400 000 Pooled Fund OSRO/MLI/901/CHA
17/09/2019 Building resilience of the crisis-affected vulnerable farmers and herders in Syria
Syria 3 000 000 Kuwait OSRO/SYR/908/KUW
09/09/2019 Projet d'appui à la gouvernance locale et à l'accès équitable aux dividendes de la paix dans les pré
Central African Republic 1 500 000 UN Peacebuilding Fund UNJP/CAF/808/PBF
02/09/2019 Improve crop and livestock productivity in Darfur states and contribute to peaceful co-existance
Sudan 1 122 853 UNAMID OSRO/SUD/906/UMD
28/08/2019 Strengthening local capacities to address intercommunal violence in Darfur
Sudan 1 128 581 UNAMID OSRO/SUD/905/UMD
22/08/2019 Integración socioeconómica, comunidad y construcción de paz territorial
Colombia 1 706 660 UNDP UNJP/COL/105/UNJ
21/08/2019 Emergency livelihoods support to flood-affected farmers in Afghanistan
Afghanistan 2 320 000 Pooled Fund OSRO/AFG/904/CHG
12/08/2019 Strengthening local capacities to build resilience through emergency assistance for livelihoods, food security, nutrition, water and protectionwith vulnerable population groups in Colombia and Venezuela
Regional Latin America 2 013 422 European Union OSRO/RLA/902/EC
18/07/2019 Agriculture and livelihood support to Cameroonian refugees and host communities in Cross River, Benue and Taraba
Nigeria 398 156 Pooled Fund OSRO/NIR/902/HCR