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Projets filtrés par des pays bénéficiaire: Uganda

Signature Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
20/01/2020 Emergency assistance to flood affected populations in Uganda
Uganda 800 000 Pooled Fund OSRO/UGA/002/CHA
08/07/2019 Mitigating severe dryness in the Horn of Africa at the start of the 2019 rainy season
Kenya - Subregional Office for Eastern Africa - Uganda 1 150 140 Canada OSRO/SFE/901/CAN
03/05/2019 Emergency Agricultural Livelihood Support for Food and Nutrition Self-sufficiency of Newly Arrived Refugees and PSN/EVI Households in Refugee Hosting Districts
Uganda 2 000 000 Pooled Fund OSRO/UGA/901/CHA
11/04/2019 Extended Assessment of Land Degradation and Practical Intervention Options in Refugee impacted areas in Uganda
Uganda 140 000 World Bank OSRO/UGA/902/WBK
21/02/2019 Emergency Agricultural Livelihood Support for Improved Resilience and Self-reliance in RH Districts
Uganda 294 498 Sweden OSRO/UGA/903/SWE
21/12/2018 Mitigating the Risk of Rift Valley Fever (RVF) Emergence and Impacts in East Africa
Kenya - Tanzania - Uganda 228 310 Ireland OSRO/RAF/804/IRE
22/03/2018 Assistance to strengthening refugee and host community households’ self-reliance, income generation and resilience to food and nutrition insecurity in Uganda
Uganda 784 555 Pooled Fund OSRO/UGA/801/CHA
02/03/2018 Strengthening the resilience of refugee and host community livelihood systems in Uganda
Uganda 500 000 Japan OSRO/UGA/802/JPN
09/02/2018 Strengthening epidemio-surveillance capabilities and underlying regulatory frameworks in Eastern Africa
Ethiopia - Kenya - Regional Africa - Tanzania - Uganda 682 617 United States of America OSRO/RAF/703/USA
20/03/2017 Emergency agricultural livelihood support for improved resilience and self-reliance of refugees from South Sudan in Uganda
Uganda 600 001 Pooled Fund OSRO/UGA/701/CHA
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