Projets Saillants

Les projets filtrés par des pays donateurs: Canada

Dispatch Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
15/07/2019 Support food security and nutrition of the agro-pastoral populations affected by the pastoral crisis in the Sahel (Mauritania, Senegal and Regional)
Mauritania - Regional Africa - Senegal 1 112 525 Canada OSRO/RAF/802/CAN
26/04/2019 Sustained humanitarian assistance to drought-affected rural people across Somalia
Somalia 543 364 Canada OSRO/SOM/808/CAN
05/12/2018 Emergency support to vulnerable herders through improved preparedness and response to shocks and strengthening food security coordination
West Bank & Gaza Strip 3 194 345 Canada OSRO/GAZ/601/CAN
13/11/2018 Emergency food security assistance through the provision of agricultural inputs in Donetsk and Luhansk regions
Ukraine 2 310 714 Canada OSRO/UKR/601/CAN
01/10/2018 Emergency livelihood response to assist El Niño-affected households in Southern Africa
Malawi - Swaziland - Zimbabwe 1 907 810 Canada OSRO/SFS/604/CAN
18/09/2018 El Niño-driven emergency and resilience support to protect and improve food and nutrition security of extremely vulnerable pastoralists and smallholder farmers in Red Sea State
Sudan 374 080 Canada OSRO/SUD/606/CAN
24/08/2018 Urgent asset protection support to safeguard livestock-based livelihoods in drought-affected communities of Borena zone in Ethiopia’s Oromia Region
Ethiopia 374 080 Canada OSRO/ETH/610/CAN
30/07/2018 Protecting livelihoods of Puntland livestock keepers from drought-related diseases
Somalia 561 124 Canada OSRO/SOM/613/CAN
18/06/2018 Support for agriculture, food security, and nutrition information in South Sudan (SAFaNIS)
South Sudan 1 808 828 Canada OSRO/SSD/701/CAN
18/06/2018 Renforcement de la résilience des agriculteurs familiaux vulnérables affectés par la sécheresse et l'ouragan Matthew dans le département du nord-ouest grâce au rétablissement de leur production agricole et halieutique
Haiti 299 262 Canada OSRO/HAI/608/CAN
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