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Dispatch Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
20/10/2015 Support for the recovery of agriculture-based livelihoods of vulnerable farmers affected by 2012 floods in Pakistan
Pakistan 6 361 961 United Kingdom OSRO/PAK/304/UK
16/09/2015 Emergency support to promote food security and early recovery to small-scale farmers in the Philippines
Philippines 4 166 667 United Kingdom OSRO/PHI/403/UK
23/07/2015 Emergency recovery support to restart livelihoods, income generation and food self-sufficiency and to build the resilience of small-scale rice- and corn-based farming communities in Leyte province of Region VIII severely affected by Typhoon Haiyan
Philippines 3 305 239 United Kingdom OSRO/PHI/305/UK
10/07/2015 Resuming agriculture and income opportunities for communities affected by the crisis in selected areas mainly in the prefectures Vakaga, Bamingui Bangora, Nana Gribizi, Ouham, Ouham Pende, Ombella Poko, Ouaka and Kemo
Central African Republic 6 600 000 United Kingdom OSRO/CAF/408/UK
09/07/2015 Emergency and recovery support to restart fisheries, aquaculture and post-harvest livelihoods, income generation and food self-sufficiency, and to build the resilience of small scale fisherfolks in Regions severely affected by Typhoon Haiyan
Philippines 5 000 000 United Kingdom OSRO/PHI/402/UK
05/02/2015 Emergency livelihood support to improve food security of households affected by the ongoing crisis
Syria 1 494 408 United Kingdom OSRO/SYR/301/UK
31/12/2014 Emergency drought mitigation operation for livestock in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe 8 919 750 United Kingdom OSRO/ZIM/203/UK
05/12/2014 Improved food and nutrition security of vulnerable households in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe 15 786 200 United Kingdom OSRO/ZIM/202/UK
31/07/2014 Zimbabwe emergency drought mitigation operation for livestock 2013 – 2014
Zimbabwe 12 144 682 United Kingdom OSRO/ZIM/302/UK
24/10/2013 Emergency Response Programme to the humanitarian crisis in Somalia (2012) - DFID
Somalia 8 943 961 United Kingdom OSRO/SOM/201/MUL Baby 06
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