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Projets filtrés par des pays bénéficiaire: Somalia

Improvement and sustainable use of plant genetic resources programme in Somalia – Phase II
26/05/2014 - To increase agricultural income by improving farmers’ access to quality seeds and planting material.
Pays Donateur: European Union
Pays bénéficiaire: Somalia
Support to Pastoral Livelihood Development (Phase II). Promoting an internationally competitive Somali meat industry
12/05/2014 - To increase income and reduce food insecurity through private sector-led growth.
Pays Donateur: European Union
Pays bénéficiaire: Somalia
Tsunami livelihood recovery project in Somalia
03/02/2014 - To recover and strengthen the fishing-based livelihoods of families affected by the 2004 tsunami in three communities of the Puntland more
Pays Donateur: World Bank
Pays bénéficiaire: Somalia
Sustainable Employment and Economic Development (SEED) Programme – Phase I
23/09/2013 - To improve the environment for economic activity and employment in Somalia.
Pays Donateur: United Kingdom
Pays bénéficiaire: Somalia
Réponse d’urgence à la sécheresse en Somalie, en Éthiopie et à Djibouti
20/09/2013 - Protéger les ressources de l'élevage et renforcer la résilience des communautés victimes de la sécheresse dans les régions du sud more
Pays Donateur: France
Pays bénéficiaire: Djibouti - Ethiopia - Somalia
Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit Phase VI for Somalia
22/07/2013 - To ensure access to appropriate food, nutrition and livelihood security information for a broad range of stakeholders for improved emergency more
Pays Donateur: Pooled Fund
Pays bénéficiaire: Somalia
Water and land information management system in Somalia
17/07/2013 - To ensure that available information regarding water and land allows for evidence-based decisionmaking on emergency, rehabilitation, development and natural resource more
Pays Donateur: European Union
Pays bénéficiaire: Somalia
Mejorar los medios de vida de las comunidades pesqueras, pastorales y agropastoralistas, de los grupos de mujeres y los miembros de asociaciones en Somalia
31/05/2013 - Fortalecer las capacidades de las comunidades pesqueras, pastorales y agropastoralistas para que puedan hacer frente a los choques que afectan more
Pays Donateur: Spain
Pays bénéficiaire: Somalia
Apoyo a los medios de vida de los hogares pastoriles y agropastoriles en Somalia
19/03/2013 - Mejorar la disponibilidad de alimentos y el acceso a ellos para satisfacer las necesidades inmediatas yfortalecer la capacidad de recuperación more
Pays Donateur: Spain
Pays bénéficiaire: Somalia
Livelihood support to famine affected households in south-central Somalia
13/03/2013 - To improve food availability and access to address immediate needs and to strengthen the resilience of drought-affected communities in south-central more
Pays Donateur: Australia
Pays bénéficiaire: Somalia
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