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Projets filtrés par des pays bénéficiaire: West Bank & Gaza Strip

Dispatch Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
31/03/2020 Addressing urgent needs of vulnerable women and men herders in the West Bank and Gaza Strip through emergency interventions and strengthened food security coordination
West Bank & Gaza Strip 1 957 634 Canada OSRO/GAZ/801/CAN
20/01/2020 Solar Energy for Agriculture in Gaza
West Bank & Gaza Strip 940 378 The Netherlands OSRO/GAZ/704/NET
08/05/2019 Capacity building programme in support of the Palestinian National Authority – Sanitary and Phyto-Sanitary (SPS) measures (Part I)
West Bank & Gaza Strip 1 367 658 The Netherlands OSRO/GAZ/402/NET
05/12/2018 Emergency support to vulnerable herders through improved preparedness and response to shocks and strengthening food security coordination
West Bank & Gaza Strip 3 194 345 Canada OSRO/GAZ/601/CAN
23/05/2017 Market-oriented and sustainable high value crops development in the West Bank and Gaza Strip
West Bank & Gaza Strip 9 368 974 The Netherlands OSRO/GAZ/207/NET
11/11/2016 Assistance d'urgence à la grippe aviaire et à la faible résilience des moyens d'existence de la population urbaines et périurbaines en insécurité alimentaire dans la bande de Gaza
West Bank & Gaza Strip 475 000 Belgium OSRO/GAZ/501/BEL
27/10/2016 Support livestock-based livelihoods of the vulnerable population in the occupied Palestinian territory
West Bank & Gaza Strip 3 782 400 European Union OSRO/GAZ/201/EC
20/06/2016 Emergency vaccination and targeted feeding of livestock grazing in areas along the Syria–Lebanon border
West Bank & Gaza Strip 5 603 469 United Kingdom OSRO/LEB/304/UK
13/06/2016 Enhancing the resilience of farmers' livelihoods through improved water availability and management in WBGS
West Bank & Gaza Strip 1 978 974 United Kingdom OSRO/GAZ/305/UK
11/12/2015 Support to enhance the food safety diagnostic capacities of veterinary services
West Bank & Gaza Strip 232 245 Unilateral Trust Fund UTF/GAZ/007/GAZ
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