FAO SHARP Project Profile Summary

FAO SHARP Project Profile Summary


FAO seeks USD 34.85 million to urgently help farming and herding families restore their food security base and livelihoods.

FAO SHARP Project Profile SummaryThe current events in Syria have caused USD 1.8 billion in damage to the agriculture sector, and affected almost all aspects of national food production and family access to food.

In many areas, farmers have stopped cultivating or taking care of their crops owing to violence and inability to access or afford agricultural inputs. Likewise, many herders lack access to grazing areas, veterinary services and related supplies.

Unable to cope with hikes in animal feed prices, many are forced to sell their livestock at reduced prices. These conditions are posing a severe threat to family food security and income.

FAO seeks USD 34.85 million within the 2013 Syria Humanitarian Assistance Response Plan to assist 59 200 severely affected farming and herding families in collaboration with local partners. The vital activities outlined below will help severely crisis-affected families resume crop production, protect and rebuild their livestock assets, and generate much-needed income.