FAO’s role in the 2014 Sudan Strategic Response Plan

FAO’s role in the 2014 Sudan Strategic Response Plan


An estimated 3.3 million people are food insecure in Sudan today. With 80 percent of Sudan’s rural population relying on agriculture for their food and income, the sector plays a critical role in helping families cope with and rebuild their livelihoods after crises.

Variable rainfall patterns, recurrent outbreaks of conflict and related displacement, rising food prices and a bad harvest in 2013 have left the most vulnerable people struggling to access enough food. FAO is supporting efforts to increase short-term food production, while building the foundations of longer-term food security.

Planned FAO response

FAO is seeking an additional 11.3 million, against the USD 19 million to support 2.1 million people in the Sudan as part of Food Security and Livelihood Sector (FSLS) portion of the Strategic Response Plan (SRP) for 2014. With funds received to date FAO will reach a total of 200 550 households (more than a million people) with crop, vegetable and legume seed, hand tools, and the provision of vaccination, treatment and animal feed. Collectively the FSLS members aim to support a total of 5.4 million individuals in 2014.