República Árabe Siria

República Árabe Siria

Read more about FAO in emergencies and the Syria crisisSince March 2011, violence in Syria has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and injured countless civilians.

As of December 2014, over 50 percent of the population has fled their homes, including 7.6 million people displaced internally and around 3.2 million refugees in neighbouring countries. Each day, thousands continue to cross into Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, where needs far exceed the resources of host governments and communities.

Within Syria, 12.2 million people – 67 percent of the total population – require some form of humanitarian assistance. Around 9.8 million people in Syria are food insecure, including 6.8 million in priority districts. more


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 - Mientras los líderes mundiales se reúnen hoy en Londres para recaudar fondos en apoyo de millones de personas afectadas por el conflicto en Siria, la FAO ha more
 - La guerra en Siria se acerca a su sexto año, la producción agrícola se ha hundido y el suministro de alimentos se encuentran bajo mínimos, arrastrando more
 - The conflict in Syria is gradually destroying the agriculture sector, causing dramatic loss of productivity and price rises. FAO Emergencies Chief, Dominique Burgeon, illustrates the current more
 - In 2016, FAO seeks USD 787 million to assist over 21 million crisis-affected people in 29 countries. FAO in the 2016 Humanitarian Appeals
 - To increase food access and consumption through the restoration of cereal production capacity in crisis-affected areas and ensure strong and effective leadership and coordination of humanitarian more
 - Highlights: Although 40 percent lower than the pre-conflict levels, wheat production in 2015, estimated at 2.445 million tonnes, is significantly better than the very poor harvest of more
 - La producción alimentaria de Siria ha aumentado este año, debido principalmente a las abundantes lluvias, pero sigue estando muy por debajo de los niveles anteriores a more
 - Syria’s food production has increased this year mainly due to excellent rains, however, it remains way below its pre-crisis levels. According to a new report published more
 - Apporter un soutien immédiat à 4 770 éleveurs pauvres et à 110 ménages (avec principalement des femmes à leur tête) ayant perdu leurs troupeaux et leurs more
 - Assister les éleveurs modestes des zones ciblées pour leur permettre de protéger leurs troupeaux et de réduire les pertes, et ainsi favoriser la santé animale et more