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Pakistan Floods 2010 - Executive Brief 17 August 2010

Pakistan Floods 2010 - Executive Brief 17 August 2010
Aug 2010

Heavy monsoon rains struck Pakistan between late July and August 2010, triggering the most catastrophic flooding in living history. The floods have affected 15.4 million people, leaving at least 1 600 people dead and 893 000 homes damaged or destroyed across four provinces. Buildings, infrastructure and communication facilities have been severely damaged. Further complicating relief efforts, access to many disaster-affected areas remains restricted, as some districts can be reached only by water or air. Millions of people lack potable water, food and medical treatment, and flood waters have destroyed crops, irrigation infrastructure, livestock, orchards, fish ponds and productive assets.

The UN Pakistan Initial Floods Emergency Response Plan (PIFERP) was launched on 11 August and seeks USD 460 million to support Government-led efforts to respond to the critical needs of flood-affected families. FAO was and is present in many of the flood-affected districts, and is assessing damagesneeds, formulating response, implementing activities and leading Agriculture Cluster efforts. FAO is still planning to reach over 178 000 families in flood-affected areas as part of its ongoing programme.