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Pakistan Floods 2010 - Executive Brief 10 September 2010

Pakistan Floods 2010 - Executive Brief 10 September 2010
Sep 2010

The scale of losses to the agriculture sector caused by the Pakistan floods is unprecedented and further unfolding. Approximately 80 percent of people in the flood-affected areas depend on agriculture for their livelihood. One of the greatest challenges on the ground is assisting farmers to recover their land in time for wheat planting beginning in September/October and preventing further livestock losses. Initial findings from the McRAM assessment reveal that nearly 57 percent of surveyed households had their main source of income reduced by 75-100 percent due to the floods. The most frequently cited need was cash for agricultural inputs and land reclamation.

The launch date of the Revised Pakistan Floods Emergency Response Plan (PFERP) is scheduled for 17 September. In the context of the Agriculture Cluster, FAO has been leading the process to assess agricultural damages and formulate a rehabilitation plan for the coming 12 months, which will be included in the Revised PFERP.

Funding requirements for the Agriculture Cluster over the next 12 months will rise significantly. As part of the Agriculture Cluster response, FAO plans to reach over 800 000 families, with focus on early recovery and rehabilitation needs in the areas of crops, irrigation, livestock, animal health, aquaculture and forestry.