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FAO-WFP Joint Roadmap on Disaster Risk Reduction/Management (DRR/M) in Burkina Faso

FAO-WFP Joint Roadmap on Disaster Risk Reduction/Management (DRR/M) in Burkina Faso
Apr 2013

FAO - WFP Roadmap for West Africa and the Sahel - Burkina Faso

A strategic framework to strengthen Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRR/DRM)

With repeated threats and crises affecting the food security of the population in West Africa and Sahel FAO and WFP have committed to unite their efforts in order to reduce the vulnerability to risk in the region. FAO and WFP are committed to building resilience through the organization of Disaster Risk Reduction trainings, enhanced coordination in the field and the implementation of joint projects.

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In Burkina Faso the recurrence of crisis led to the development of diverse strategies of people affected by food and nutrition insecurity. Some strategies such as the modification of food consumption habits, rural exodus, the sail of production capital, and debt combined with other structural factors increase households ‘vulnerability and reduce their capacities to anticipate, prevent and recover from shocks. The weakening of resilience’s capacities is at the heart of the crisis which currently strikes Burkina Faso, especially in the country’s North-East.

Under this joint initiative for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management,four pilot countries in the subregion have been selected to participate in the development and implementation of joint roadmaps: Burkina Faso, the Niger, Senegal and Chad.