Mali conflict: Contingency and Response Plan

Mali conflict: Contingency and Response Plan
Apr 2013
  • Large population movements are reported as a consequence of the Mali conflict. It is estimated that there are currently 292 648 IDPs in Mali and 175 211 refugees in neighboring countries, mainly Burkina Faso, Mauritania and the Niger. 
  • The FAO/WFP Food Security estimates that 585 000 people are food insecure in the North and 1.2 million at risk of food insecurity. 
  • Access has improved in the central regions, facilitating humanitarian and livelihood support. However the food security situation is worsening in the North, with closed markets, increased insecurity, disruption of commercial traffic, increasing prices and depleting food stocks. 
  • FAO overall appeal for Mali for 2013 amounts to USD 22 million, of which USD 10.2 million is to address the additional needs related to the degradation of the situation in the North. USD 14 million would be required to address the repercussions of the Mali crisis in neighbouring countries. 
  • This amount would allow FAO and its cluster partners to address the needs of almost 1 million people, including refugees, IDPs, returnees, resident and host populations, through supporting food and livestock production, animal health and related technical assistance. 
  • Funds are urgently required for FAO to support the main agricultural season in Mali (starting end May/June), thus ensuring cereal production for some 400 000 people.