Guidance Note - Supporting displaced people and durable solutions

Guidance Note - Supporting displaced people and durable solutions
Sep 2013

FAO is guided by international humanitarian, refugee and human rights law, including the right to adequate food. FAO has endorsed and encourages all responsible parties to follow the Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement.

FAO advocates a ‘twin track’ approach in displacement settings, aiming to save and support lives and livelihoods of displaced populations as well as their host communities, whilst laying the groundwork for durable solutions.

In contexts of displacement, FAO is committed to people-centered approaches that build resilient livelihoods and enable self-sufficiency.

Supporting and re-establishing agricultural, forestry and fishing livelihoods as well as addressing issues such as access to land and other natural resources are critical components of durable solutions to achieve food security.

Durable solutions requires a multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder approach. FAO works closely with governments and key partners to support the needs and guarantee the rights of displaced women, men, girls and boys.