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Situation Update: Locust Crisis in Madagascar - 17 June 2014

Situation Update: Locust Crisis in Madagascar - 17 June 2014
Jun 2014

The rainy season in Madagascar is now coming to an end and weather and ecological conditions are becoming unsuitable for locust breeding. Therefore, no further massive breeding will occur before the next rainy season, in October 2014. A recent extensive aerial survey, carried out from 3 to 9 June along a 5 000 km itinerary, concluded that the current total number of swarms should not exceed 30; these highly mobile swarms are small to medium in size (200 hectares on average).

Indeed, the number and size of the locust swarms issued from the second generation of breeding decreased significantly throughout the country, both in the Invasion and Outbreak areas as a result of intensive and large-scale aerial control operations carried out in April and May.

Nevertheless, in the Outbreak Area, some scattered locust populations were still present, mainly in the still humid biotopes, as well as hopper groups from a late breeding. Monitoring of all these locust populations, as well as limited control operations will continue over the winter period, as required.