Fighting desert locust in Somalia: helicopter operations led by FAO and the Ministry of Agriculture

Jul 2020

Somalia has been battling desert locusts since early 2020.

In May, along with ground control operations, an FAO and Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation of the Federal Government of Somalia led team of pilots, began the first aerial operations in 30 years after the last severe outbreak in the country. One of those pilots is Miles Woodgate. He talks about his experience fighting the desert locust in Somalia.

Aerial operations, like the biopesticide spraying used by FAO in Somalia can cover large areas and adapt easily to the rapid movements of the locusts.

Thanks to the generous funding from the international community, these aerial control operations have already covered nearly 600,000 hectares in the Horn of Africa.

But in order to support these operations, FAO needs more support.


STORY | Their office in the air: Helicopter pilots fighting Desert Locusts