FAO's mobile veterinary clinics in Haiti

Jun 2017

Southern Haiti was severely hit by Hurricane Matthew in October 2016. Thousands of livestock died in the disaster, and those that survived are often sick. Livestock is the main source of food and income for farmers thus access to veterinary services is key for healthy livestock.

With that said, veterinary service in Haiti is expensive and insufficient. FAO’s mobile veterinary clinics travel to the affected areas to conduct animal health and nutrition assessments and provide treatment. FAO veterinarians teach local veterinary assistants on giving antibiotics, deworming or multivitamins treatments to animals.

Since March 2017, in the commune of Torbeck, 6 clinics were set up and 807 animals were treated. Moreover, milk production has increased substantially after animals were given treatments. FAO plays a key role in strengthening the resilience of crisis-affected communities.