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 - Key points:  The number of people facing acute food insecurity at crisis or worse levels has dramatically increased – from 15.6 million in 2019 to 21.8 million. Currently, 33 percent of the population analysed is in IPC Phase 3 and above, of whom 5.7 million people are in IPC Phase 4, more
 - Super Typhoon Goni, locally referred to as Rolly, made landfall on 1 November 2020 in the Philippines, roughly following the same path as Typhoon Molave that hit just days earlier. Super Typhoon Goni severely affected Albay and Cataduanes provinces, negatively impacting their economies, which were already reeling as a result more
 - Key messages: The desert locust (DL) breeding and invasion in Ethiopia is now centered in Somali region. Mature swarms continue to cross into the region, from Somalia. All planes and helicopters have been moved to the new epicenter of the operation (Jigjiga, Gode, Kebridehar). Hatching and band formation is projected to continue in November and beyond. According to more
 - An inclusive approach to anticipatory action will have a nuanced and context-specific understanding of the ways inequalities impact vulnerability and resilience. Working in this way means understanding how intersecting social categories, such as gender, sex, age, nationality, socio-economic status, sexual orientation or gender identity and physical abilities, impact the extent more
 - The central region of Viet Nam has experienced prolonged heavy rains associated with three tropical storms and one typhoon that made landfall within three weeks. The storms resulted in severe and widespread flooding and landslides, with a more devastating impact on the country than the historic flood of 1999. FAO more
 - The continuing COVID-19 pandemic—and related lockdowns—triggered a massive cash crisis around the world for families who depend on informal earnings, including daily wage workers. In Pakistan, a nationwide lockdown was imposed on 21 March 2020. This had major reverberations on the food supply chain and agriculture sector, where restrictive measures more
 - As acute food insecurity levels appear to be reaching new highs globally, also as a result of the socio-economic fallout of measures imposed to contain the spread of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), this joint FAO-WFP report aims to raise an early warning on 20 countries and situations - called hotspots more
 - Depuis janvier 2019, dans la région du Centre-Nord du Burkina Faso, la commune de Barsalogho est en proie à de violents conflits intercommunautaires provoqués par l’attaque d’hommes armés dans les villages de Yirgou et Gasseliki. L’insécurité et la violence armée ont ainsi provoqué des déplacements massifs de population qui ont more
 - General situation during October 2020 and forecast until mid-December 2020 
 - In Burkina Faso, the 2017/18 agropastoral campaign was marked by food and biomass deficits, the effects of which were exacerbated by the fragile situation in the country. Since January 2019, insecurity has continued to worsen due to recurrent attacks perpetrated by non-state armed groups, triggering massive population displacements, thus exacerbating the more
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