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 - Las zonas alto andinas de la sierra peruana, debido a su altitud y orografía están expuestas a factores climáticos extremos que determinan de forma precisa los ciclos agropecuarios y por tanto la seguridad alimentaria de sus habitantes rurales. En ocasiones estos fenómenos extremos interactúan entre sí creando situaciones climáticas críticas ...read more
 - FAO's main objective in the West Bank and Gaza Strip is to provide a safety net for food insecure farming/herding households whose traditional livelihoods are endangered and whose coping mechanisms are over-stretched. Food security information and analysis is also a key area for FAO in the West Bank and Gaza ...read more
 - Dans ce numéro: Aperçu de la campagne agricole Revue succincte des activités d’urgence en cours - Projets d’appui au secteur semencier; Projets Suivi et Analyse de la sécurité alimentaire; Projet de repeuplement en caprin dans les zones sinistrées Revue du programme régulier de la FAO RCA Audiences et événements important de la Représentation
 - The overall intention of this Needs Assessment (NA) is to elaborate a pragmatic Emergency and Rehabilitation Programme for the geographical area most affected by Cyclone Nargis. Based on the understanding of the pre-cyclone situation, the impact of the natural disaster is assessed in terms of its physical destruction and impact ...read more
 - For several decades, Darfur has been the scene of disputes and competition between predominantly nomadic pastoralists and settled farming communities over land and dwindling natural resources. In 2003, the conflict escalated from small-scale disputes into a severe humanitarian crisis. One night in September 2003, militias attacked Ardemi village in West Darfur, ...read more
 - The Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Systems Analysis Guide provides a set of tools and methods to assess existing structures and capacities of national, district and local institutions with responsibilities for Disaster Risk Management (DRM) in order to improve their effectiveness and the integration of DRM concerns into development planning, with ...read more
 - Special Gender Issue The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has a Gender and Development Plan of Action (2008–2013) which reflects FAO‟s determination to promote gender equality and mainstream gender issues into the work of the Organization. FAO recognizes that the empowerment of women is key to raising ...read more
 - The Crisis Management Centre for Animal Health (CMC-AH) is the lead facility of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) for animal disease emergency response. The CMC-AH unites the extensive technical and operational expertise of FAO’s Animal Health Service and FAO’s Emergency Operations and Rehabilitation Division with ...read more
 - La campagne agricole de contre saison s’achève sur un constat positif pour les maraichers centrafricains. Le projet d’assistance aux personnes vulnérables (familles infectées ou affectées par le VIH/SIDA, familles rendues vulnérables par le conflit, APE des écoles,..) a permis d’apporter une assistance dans le cadre des cultures maraîchères au titre ...read more
 - The vulnerability of the Caribbean region to hydro- meteorological hazards such as hurricanes, floods, drought, high magnitude rainfall and related hazards such landslides is underscored. The recurrent impacts of these events have wreaked havoc on environment, economy and society throughout the region. Over the past decade, the FAO has regular ...read more