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 - The Crisis Management Centre for Animal Health (CMC-AH) is the lead facility of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) for animal disease emergency response. The CMC-AH unites the extensive technical and operational expertise of FAO’s Animal Health Service and FAO’s Emergency Operations and Rehabilitation Division with ...read more
 - La campagne agricole de contre saison s’achève sur un constat positif pour les maraichers centrafricains. Le projet d’assistance aux personnes vulnérables (familles infectées ou affectées par le VIH/SIDA, familles rendues vulnérables par le conflit, APE des écoles,..) a permis d’apporter une assistance dans le cadre des cultures maraîchères au titre ...read more
 - The vulnerability of the Caribbean region to hydro- meteorological hazards such as hurricanes, floods, drought, high magnitude rainfall and related hazards such landslides is underscored. The recurrent impacts of these events have wreaked havoc on environment, economy and society throughout the region. Over the past decade, the FAO has regular ...read more
 - Every year, the United Nations (UN) Secretary-General asks the donor community to help millions of people affected by crises around the world. The focus of this annual appeal is on countries undergoing protracted and complex emergencies often characterized by conflict, recurrent natural disasters, underlying poverty and exacerbated by the prevalence ...read more
 - Percy Hurtado Navarro is the President of the rural community of Santo Domingo, affiliated with more than livestock 70 farmers. He coordinates with local institutions, authorities, water commissions and international humanitarian agencies in order to rehabilitate the irrigation infrastructures damaged by the earthquake that affected Peru, on 15 August 2007. ...read more
 - Antes del terremoto las condiciones en las que trabajaban los pescadores de Pisco eran precarias. En una embarcación de cinco tripulantes, los buzos a todo pulmón y ayudados de una precaria manguera se sumergían hasta lo más profundo para extraer mariscos. Muchos de ellos son informales, lo que genera que ...read more
 - Apenas pesan entre 1.5 y 3 kilos, pero su carne es una de las más nutritivas de todo el mundo. El cuy es considerado un animal de excelente calidad, alto valor biológico, con elevado contenido de proteína y bajo contenido de grasa en comparación con otras carnes. Es por eso ...read more
 - Wheat, grown on more than 200 million hectares of land worldwide, is a source of food and livelihoods for over one billion people in developing countries. This important commodity has been greatly affected by recent soaring food prices. Wheat prices have doubled in the last year, largely as a result ...read more
 - La FAO, desde agosto de 2007, apoya la reconstitución de los medios de producción agropecuarios y pesqueros en las zonas afectadas por el sismo en el Perú, asistiendo a más de 7000 familias campesinas y pescadores artesanales afectados por el terremoto en 98 distritos de los departamentos de Lima, Ica, ...read more
 - FAO‟s main objective in the West Bank and Gaza Strip is to provide a safety net for food insecure farming/herding households whose traditional livelihoods are endangered and whose coping mechanisms are over-stretched. Food security information and analysis is also a key area for FAO in the West Bank and Gaza ...read more