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Horn of Africa Drought - Urgent Needs: 90-day Plan
 - FAO has renewed its commitment to realizing a hunger-free Horn of Africa, basing its support on four main principles: (i) governments and peoples commit to a hunger-free Horn of Africa; (ii) policies and institutions ensure the realization of a hunger-free Horn; (iii) increased investment in agriculture and food security promotes peace and prosperity; ...read more
Food Security and humanitarian implications in West Africa and the Sahel - FAO/WFP Joint Note, March 2012
 -  The ongoing political instability in Mali could compromise the effectiveness of the response to food and nutrition crisis The pastoral situation continues to deteriorate in most of the Sahel countries Markets: Grain prices are stable at high values in the Niger while they are increasing in Burkina Faso and Mali
FAO Infos: Bulletin d'information de la Représentation au Niger - N. 4, Mars 2012
 - Depuis 1978, date de sa présence au Niger, la FAO a toujours soutenu, accompagné et appuyé les pouvoirs publics dans l’exécution de nombreux programmes et projets de développement qui concourent à promouvoir le monde rural et à relever les niveaux nutritionnels des populations, en particulier les plus vulnérables à l’insécurité ...read more
Newsletter REOWA - N. 3, septembre 2011-février 2012
 - Dans ce numéro: Sahel 2012: urgence face à l’insé-curité alimentaire Stratégie Sahel: assurer la sécurité alimentaire et les moyens d’exis-tence José Graziano Da Silva: « sortir du cercle vicieux des crises répétées et prolongées » La FAO et les Appels humanitaires dans la région La FAO lance sa Stratégie DRM Togo: renforcer les capacités natio-nales face ...read more
Sécurité alimentaire et implications humanitaires en Afrique de l'Ouest et au Sahel - Mars 2012
 - L'Essentiel: Alerte Sahel: Manque conséquent de fonds pour répondre à la crise alimentaire et nutritionnelle en cours; L’instabilité politique qui prévaut au Mali pourrait compromettre l’efficacité de la réponse à la crise alimentaire et nutritionnelle; La situation pastorale continue de se détériorer dans la plupart des pays du Sahel; Marchés: Les prix des céréales ...read more
Myanmar Post-Nargis Recovery and Rehabilitation Programme: Project Profiles
 - In this document: Crop Subsector Project Profiles Fisheries/Aquaculture Subsector Project Profiles Livestock Project Profiles Forestry Subsector Project Profiles
Horn of Africa Update: March 2012
 - The situation in the drought‐affected areas of the Horn of Africa has improved significantly. However, an estimated 9 million people are still in need of assistance. Livestock body conditions remain good despite the rapid deterioration of vegetation conditions due to abnormally dry and very hot conditions in the pastoral areas ...read more
Detailed Livelihood Assessment in 28 Flood-affected Districts of Pakistan
 - In July 2010, torrential monsoon rains caused flooding of an unprecedented magnitude affecting the entire length of Pakistan. One year after the floods, the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) together with the Pakistan Food Security Cluster (FSC) decided to carry out a multi-agency assessment Detailed Livelihood Assessment (DLA) in 28 ...read more
Regional Programme Framework for DRM in East and Central Africa 2010-2013
 - Each year, countries in the Eastern and Central region of Africa experience the highest number of natural hazards and people-induced disasters in all of Africa. More and more people are adversely affected by natural hazards, such as droughts and floods, as well as crop and livestock diseases, civil conflicts, unstable ...read more
2012 Strategic Document, Version 2: Response plan addressing the food and nutrition crisis in the Sahel
 - In view of the expected nutrition, food and pastoral crises in the Sahel and its neighbouring countries in 2012, this document aims to: Strengthen preparedness at the regional level; Support the coordination among response actors and facilitate the monitoring of the situation; Serve as a reference document if other appeals (i.e. Flash Appeals) ...read more