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Average date of onset of suitable conditions for planting in South Sudan
 - This map of South Sudan shows the average dates of onset of suitable conditions for land preparation and planting which may be interpreted as the dates by which populations need to be returned and appropriate security conditions ensured to avoid disruptions to the coming agricultural season. Within the affected states, this ...read more
South Sudan - Executive brief 12 February 2014
 - The humanitarian situation in South Sudan has steadily deteriorated since the outbreak of fighting in Juba on 15 December. Displacement continues to rise –  almost 730 000 people are now estimated to have fled their homes to more secure areas within the country, including UN bases. A further 145 000 ...read more
Central African Republic - Executive brief 13 February 2014
 - Highlights 2.5 million people need immediate humanitarian assistance; and one in five Central Africans is now internally displaced. These figures are likely to rise as the conflict places millions at risk of a full-scale food and nutrition security crisis due to low production in 2013 coupled with prevailing chronic countrywide malnutrition, extreme poverty ...read more
Madagascar - Locust situation bulletin (2014-D02) in FRENCH
 - Durant la deuxième décade de janvier 2014, les estimations de FEWS indiquaient que la pluviométrie était supérieure à 65 mm dans l’Aire d’invasion et dans l’Aire grégarigène transitoire. Elle variait de 40 à 65 mm dans le reste de la Grande-Île. Une zone dépressionnaire s’est formée dans le canal du Mozambique, ...read more
Madagascar - Locust situation bulletin (2014-D01) in FRENCH
 - Durant la 1ère décade de janvier 2014, une zone dépressionnaire tropicale, accompagnée de rafales de vent plus ou moins tourbillonnants de 61 km/h en moyenne, s’est formée dans le canal du Mozambique. Elle a engendré des pluies excédentaires à hyper-excédentaires par rapport aux besoins du Criquet migrateur malgache dans l’Aire ...read more
Situation Update: The Sahel Crisis - 31 January 2014
 - HIGHLIGHTS Despite the 2013 harvest in the Sahel being equivalent to the last five years average, more than 20 million people are still food insecure. The agricultural production of the poorest households is insufficient to restore their livelihoods and is expected to cover only their nutritional needs for the next two ...read more
Situation Update: Locust Crisis in Madagascar - 31 January 2014
 - Fledging (emergence of young winged locusts of the first rainy season generation after completion of the hopper development) started during the last ten days of November 2013 and continued throughout December in both invasion and outbreak areas. In the medium part of the invasion area, which became too wet for ...read more
Food Security and humanitarian implications in West Africa and the Sahel - FAO/WFP Joint Note, January 2014
 - Key points: The off-season campaign continues normally across the region Cereal prices remain generally stable or are decreasing compared to previous months but are higher than five-year averages Decreasing international groundnut prices are causing marketing difficulties in Senegal In some areas in Niger, Chad, Mali and Mauritania, the lean season is expected ...read more
South Sudan - Executive brief 29 January 2014
 - HIGHLIGHTS 646 000 people have been internally displaced since 15 December, and 123 400 have fled to neighbouring countries. The Food Security and Livelihoods (FSL) Cluster estimates that up to 7 million people are at risk of food insecurity in2014 – with an estimated 3.7 million facing “acute” and “emergency” food security ...read more
Madagascar - Locust reports and levels of locust infestations – December 2013 (in FRENCH)
 - Map of the locust situation showing confirmed reports and providing infestation levels by area of Madagascar for the month of December 2013.