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 - In this issue: Season Update: promising harvest, livestock movement and disease monitoring; FSL Sector News; Caution Over Foreign Land Deals; FAO Focus: Healthier Herds; Global Food Outlook.
 - Canada is a key partner of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in the fight to end hunger. Thanks to timely contributions from the Government of Canada, FAO has been able to rapidly respond to agricultural threats and emergencies cross the globe, helping farmers, pastoralists and ...read more
 - AAP Useful External Links
 - FAO has not traditionally had extensive operations in Syria, and is therefore not well embedded across the agricultural sector, aside from at a more governmental and diplomatic level. Consequently, there is not the same level of intimate knowledge and expertise as to the complex and interacting factors that will influence outcomes, ...read more
 - Rome based agencies FAO and WFP, along with the global Food Security Cluster, undertook an interagency mission to Pakistan in September and October, 2012, in order to support IASC activities on accountability to affected populations (AAP), investigate the current status of AAP amongst humanitarian agencies, with a particular focus on ...read more
 - The current industry approach to AAP encourages humanitarian actors to be diligent in ensuring that the significant power they hold with regards to disaster-affected communities is exercised responsibly at every level of the system. It promotes an underlying tenet that people affected by emergencies are end users and stakeholders rather than ...read more
 - Key Points Good crop prospects throughout the Sahel and in West Africa, except in localized areas Uneven pastoral situation Locust situation: WARNING: swarms forming in the Sahel Floods: Niger, Chad, Senegal and Nigeria together account for more than 90 percent of 1.5 million people affected by recent flooding Coarse grain prices remain abnormally high in ...read more
 - When working with (or funding) partners for the delivery of services to affected communities, an agency’s commitments on AAP cannot end at the partner’s door. Rather, the chain of accountability to affected populations ideally travels from the funding source to the end recipient. This requires agencies to discuss and negotiate with ...read more
 - In October 2003, the Secretary-General’s bulletin on special measures for protection from sexual exploitation and sexual abuse was released, laying out the standards of conduct expected and the related duties of managers. The bulletin binds UN staff and related personnel as well as personnel from a wide range of non-UN ...read more
 - AAP insists that affected populations are involved in designing, monitoring and evaluating the projects and indicators intended to meet their needs. The views of affected populations on outcomes must be considered and interventions adjusting accordingly. Affected communities consistently report being insufficiently consulted on assistance and perplexed by a system that ...read more