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Agriculture Coordination Working Group Journal - No. 63, August 2011
 - In this document: National Guidelines for the 2011/12 Agriculture Support Programme; Small holder Purchase Patterns: Findings from the 2010/11 Input Voucher Programme; Report on Urban Agriculture; Contribution of Urban Agriculture to livelihoods.
Horn of Africa Crisis: FAO short-term funding needs
 - The crisis in the Horn of Africa is the most severe food security emergency in the world today. With areas facing one of the driest years since 1950/51, food crises have escalated into famine in parts of southern Somalia (Bakool, Lower Shabelle, the agropastoral areas of Balcad and Cadale districts ...read more
Food Security in Disaster Risk Reduction Newsletter - Vol. 1 Issue 10, August 2011
 - Using Wild Crops to Tame Food Insecurity: CARE’s Strategic Domestication of Yams Cyclones and floods regularly hit the high risk areas of northeast and eastern Madagascar, with wind and water inflicting serious damage. This often leads to injuries and loss of human lives as well as the destruction of food and ...read more
FAO Uganda Information Bulletin - Vol. 4 Issue 8, April-August 2011
 - Building Back Better - FAO and EU Fighting Hunger, Restoring Livelihoods Welcome to the second issue of the FAO Uganda Information Bulletin in 2011. The European Union (EU) is an important partner of FAO. At a global level, the EU is one of the members of FAO and has remained a ...read more
Système d’Alerte Précoce, Surveillance de la Sécurité Alimentaire au Burundi (SAP/SSA)
 - Depuis près d’une année, le mouvement de rapatriement est resté très faible alors qu’il a constitué un d’importants volets humanitaires depuis 2002. Ainsi, l’UNHCR indique avoir facilité le rapatriement de plus de 510 000 personnes depuis cette période. La réinsertion socioéconomique de ces dernières constitue un pari à gagner. Cette ...read more
Pakistan Floods 2010 - Executive Brief 26 July 2011
 - Thanks to the generosity of Australia, Belgium, Canada, CERF, ECHO, the European Union, IFAD, Italy, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States of America, FAO has been working since September 2010 to restore the food production of over 900 000 farming families, assisting more than 7 million men, women ...read more
Deepening Food Security Crisis in Southern Somalia – Funds Urgently Needed to Maximize Upcoming Rains
 - FAO Somalia Emergency Requirements - Nairobi: July 14th Continuing low and erratic rainfall has led to one of the worst droughts in Somalia in two decades. Approximately 2.85 million people now need emergency food security and livelihood assistance as a result of the continuing dry conditions in the country, compounded by ...read more
Food Security in Disaster Risk Reduction Newsletter - Vol. 1 Issue 9, July 2011
 - CARE: Rethinking and Reorganising the Agricultural Calendar in Madagascar CARE’s understanding of community needs and the disadvantageous conditions faced by communities in northeast and eastern areas of Madagascar comes from a decade of work in these cyclone-prone areas. Already stressed agricultural conditions and low crop yields push households' food security limits ...read more
Système d’Alerte Précoce, Surveillance de la Sécurité Alimentaire au Burundi (SAP/SSA) No.104
 - Une commission tripartite Gouvernement du Burundi – Gouvernement Tanzanien UNHCR tenue le 25 mai 2011 a fixé la fermeture du dernier camp des Burundais réfugiés en Tanzanie, Mtabila, au 31 décembre 2011. Ce camp héberge encore 38 000 réfugiés ; 67 393 réfugiés burundais se trouvent encore en Tanzanie. Le ...read more
Estrategia Regional de la FAO para la Gestión del Riesgo de Desastres en América Latina y el Caribe (2011 - 2013)
 - Cada año, los países de América Latina y el Caribe se ven afectados por desastres naturales, tales como sequías, inundaciones, huracanes, deslizamientos, erupciones volcánicas, a los cuales se suman epidemias y enfermedades transfronterizas de animales y crisis socioeconómicas. Estos eventos resultan en pérdidas de vidas, bienes y medios de subsistencia, y ...read more