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Madagascar - Locust reports and levels of locust infestations – December 2013 (in FRENCH)
 - Map of the locust situation showing confirmed reports and providing infestation levels by area of Madagascar for the month of December 2013.
A new promise for Karamoja
 - From being referred to as a wild plant, cassava has gained unmatched prominence in Karamoja, a semi arid region in Uganda.
Helping farmers to cope with Climate Change
 - Uganda is highly vulnerable to the impact of climate change. Increased climate variability due to climate change, combined with high population growth and the degradation of land and forest cover, are increasing the vulnerability of rural populations and affecting their livelihoods.
Supporting Communities in Building Resilience through Agro Pastoral Field Schools
 - Building resilience of vulnerable communities to the vagaries of climate change (CC) is not business as usual but, rather calls for more transformative approaches that can organically evolve to suit the dynamic and unique needs of different farming systems. However, most of the service delivery mechanisms are overstretched and built ...read more
Madagascar - Locust situation bulletin N. 10 - December 2013 (in FRENCH)
 - En décembre, le taux de verdissement de la strate herbeuse a augmenté dans toutes les acrido-régions, à l’exception de l’Aire de densation. Cette situation est une conséquence de l’importante pluviosité enregistrée. De ce fait, des jeunes ailés de la première génération formant des vols clairs ou denses dans l’Aire d’invasion ...read more
Central African Republic - Executive brief 27 January 2014
 - Highlights 2.6 million people need immediate humanitarian assistance; and one in five Central Africans is now internally displaced. These figures are likely to rise as the conflict places millions at risk of a full-scale food and nutrition security crisis due to low production in 2013 coupled with prevailing chronic countrywide malnutrition, extreme poverty ...read more
Madagascar - Locust situation bulletin (2013-D36) in FRENCH
 - SOMMAIRE Conditions éco-météorologiques Situation acridienne Situation antiacridienne Annexes
FAO at work in Karamoja
 - The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in collaboration with the Government of Uganda and respective District Local Governments has been supporting communities in Karamoja to build resilience over the past nine years through a holistic livelihood programme focusing on three integrated priority areas of livestock production, ...read more
FAO’s Junior Farmer Field and Life Schools give children a voice
 - Junior Farmer Field and Life Schools (JFFLS) are a simple methodology for teaching vulnerable children and young people about farming, entrepreneurial skills and how to take care of themselves. These schools follow a “living classroom” approach in which the students or children out of school observe the crops throughout the growing ...read more
Cereal banks – a weapon in the fight against food scarcity in Karamoja
 - Vulnerable agro pastoral communities in the semi arid region of Karamoja in Uganda have resorted to cereal banking as a coping mechanism to their food security threats.