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The status of conservation agriculture in southern Africa: Challenges and opportunities for expansion
 - Regional Emergency Office for Southern Africa (REOSA) Technical Brief 3, July 2010 Achieving food security remains central to many national and regional programmes and policies in southern Africa. Although agricultural productivity has increased in some countries in the region, many countries remain net importers of food and are thus exposed to ...read more
Cultivating sustainable livelihoods: Socioeconomic impacts of conservation agriculture in southern Africa
 - Regional Emergency Office for Southern Africa (REOSA) Technical Brief 2, July 2010 Southern Africa has high levels of food insecurity with stunting levels of more than 20% in several countries. Many countries in the region are net importers of staple food. This is partly due to low staple crop yields, with ...read more
Farming for the future in southern Africa: An introduction to conservation agriculture
 - Regional Emergency Office for Southern Africa (REOSA) Technical Brief 1, July 2010 In southern Africa, high levels of soil degradation and a decline in fertility threaten agricultural productivity. Droughts and/or long dry spells often worsen the situation, resulting in complete crop failures. In the long term, climate change is predicted to ...read more
Livelihood-Based Social Protection for Orphans and Vulnerable Children: Success Stories from Malawi
 - This network paper documents success stories from Malawi of livelihood-based social protection programmes for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC). The programmes have improved the lives of the children they reach significantly. They have demonstrated that with a livelihood-based approach, notable changes can be achieved in children’s lives, including improved food ...read more
Système d’Alerte Précoce Surveillance de la Sécurité Alimentaire au Burundi – SAP/SSA: No.94
 - Le processus électoral entamé depuis mai 2010 évolue dans un climat politique tendu. Un désaccord sur le processus des élections règne entre les principaux partis politiques de l’opposition et la CENI (Commission Electorale Nationale Indépendante) et le parti politique au pouvoir. L’origine de la crise est le résultat des scrutins ...read more
FAO Timor-Leste: E-news, Vol. 3, June 2010
 - In this issue: Harvest ceremony - reaping the first sheath UN Joint Programme in Timor Leste for Poverty Alleviation Grass roots training for community leaders Bio-security project to be extended until December 2011 Integration of gender analysis in water and land tenure management
Promoting agricultural inputs under the Food Aid Convention to increase food production in emergency-prone developing countries
 - Assistance needs for the rapidly increasing emergency situations require more judicious responses on the part of donors, including the provision of critical agricultural inputs such as seeds, fertilizers and farming implements for reconstruction and recovery of the agriculture sector. The institutional framework governing food-related assistance has been at an impasse for ...read more
FAO Regional Programme Framework for Disaster Risk Management 2010 -2013
 - Reducing and managing disaster risk to improve food and livelihood security in Eastern and Central Africa Each year, countries in the Eastern and Central region of Africa (ECA) experience the highest number of natural hazards and people -induced disasters in all of Africa. More and more people are adversely affected by ...read more
Food Security & Nutrition Working Group Update, Central & Eastern Africa - June 2010
 - Aflatoxin Alert in Eastern Province, Kenya According to the results of a recent survey carried out by the Government of Kenya Ministry of Agriculture approximately 78% of the current stocks of maize held by farmers in Eastern Province ( 3 million bags of maize of 90kg each ) are suspected to ...read more
FAO Sub-regional Emergency Operations and Rehabilitation Office for West Africa/Sahel: Presentation of Activities, May 2010
 - Basing its approach in disaster risk management, FAO aims to reduce countries' vulnerability to crises, threats and emergencies through better preparation and integration of risk prevention and mitigation into policies, programmes and interventions. FAO also supports countries and partners to respond more effectively to crises and emergencies through interventions focused ...read more