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 - People in Afghanistan face immense humanitarian needs due to a decade-long conflict, regularly occurring natural disasters, profound gender and social inequities and underdeveloped livelihood systems and infrastructure. CAP 2012 – List of Countries Foreword Afghanistan Central African Republic Chad Cote d'Ivoire Democratic Republic of the Congo Djibouti Haiti Kenya Liberia Niger Philippines Somalia South Sudan Sudan West Bank and Gaza Strip Yemen Zimbabwe The country has endured eight droughts in ...read more
 - Around 3 million flood-affected, food-insecure people in Sindh and Balochistan provinces urgently need agricultural support. One out of three people have been struck by floods both this and last year. Standing crops, stored seed/grain and productive assets have been lost, leaving the population food insecure and unable to resume crop production. Depending ...read more
 - Final Communique: Necessary appropriate responses in order to face the threats of localized food and nutritional crises in the Sahel Subsequent to the 27th meeting of the food crises prevention network in the Sahel and in West Africa, held in Praia, Cape Verde from 8 to 10 December 2011, the regional food ...read more
 - Sommaire: Recensement National de l’Agriculture (RNA): Formation des Agents recenseurs de l’ICAT et Pré-dénombrement des exploitants agricoles; Appui au développement de l’élevage: Promotion et Développement de la Filière Avicole et Mise en Place d’un Fonds de Développement de l’Elevage; Valorisation des ressources génétiques animales en Afrique de l'Ouest et du Centre: Réunion consultative ...read more
 - The Winter 2011 edition of our Agriculture Sector Bulletin, summarizing some of last year’s main agricultural developments in Georgia. This edition brings together news and major achievements in the agriculture sector, including those implemented by the Government of Georgia, the private sector and international organizations. One of the key themes of ...read more
 - Responses are necessary to prevent a food crisis in the Sahel The meeting of the Network for the Prevention of Food Crises in the Sahel and West Africa (RPCA) organized by the Permanent Inter-State Committee for the Fight against Drought in the Sahel (CILSS) and the Club du Sahel and West ...read more
 - Agro-forestry in South-eastern Madagascar The South-eastern region of Madagascar, where most families (80% of the population) depend on agriculture, is regularly affected by floods and cyclones, causing severe damages to crops, land degradation and loss of human lives and livelihoods. Repeated climatic shocks, such as floods and cyclones erode poor families’ ...read more
 - La RDC est le théâtre de l’une des pires crises humanitaires au monde. La bonne tenue des premières élections démocratiques depuis 40 ans à la fin de l’année 2006 et la mise en place d’un nouveau gouvernement début 2007 avaient apporté beaucoup d’espoir dans le pays. Cependant, force est de ...read more
 - Heavy monsoon rains beginning in mid-August have led to severe flooding in Sindh and Balochistan provinces of southern Pakistan. Sindh has been hardest hit, suffering the majority of losses/damage across all districts. More than 3 million flood-affected and food-insecure people (352 000 families) urgently require agricultural support to resume farming ...read more
 - Famine conditions persist in southern Somalia where 3 million people face food insecurity and require emergency life saving and livelihood support at scale. Some 750 000 lives remain at risk and conditions are not likely to improve through December 2011 without large scale multi-sectoral humanitarian assistance. With the secondary harvest ...read more