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 - About this guidance material Audience: This guidance material is intended for FAO staff, in particular FAO Representatives and Emergency Coordinators at country level. It may also be useful for FAO staff at regional and headquarters levels and other agriculture and food-security stakeholders. Purpose: To provide FAO staff with (i) essential information ...read more
 - D’une manière générale, la campagne agricole 2009/2010 dans le bassin est s’est achevée de manière mitigée. Au Niger et au Tchad, l’arrêt précoce des pluies utiles à la mi-septembre a été préjudiciable à l’issue de la campagne agropastorale. Les cultures n’ont pas pu boucler convenablement leur cycle et le pâturage ...read more
 - Le tremblement de terre qui a secoué la République d`Haïti le 12 janvier 2010 et les nombreuses répliques qui s`en sont suivies, ont occasionné dans les départements de l’Ouest et du Sud-est d’innombrables pertes en vies humaines, la destruction de beaucoup d`infrastructures et des déplacements de population vers les autres ...read more
 - Within FAO, Emergency Operations and Rehabilitation Coordination Units (ERCUs) are established in countries where interventions are necessary. The FAO’s Sub Regional Emergency Operations and Rehabilitation Office for West Africa / Sahel was created in Dakar in 2006 in order to coordinate its emergency interventions in the sub region with the ...read more
 - Each year the population of West Africa faces crises that may vary in nature or intensity or affect different livelihood zones, but as these shocks are reoccurring in closer succession, more people are trapped in a downward cycle of vulnerability. Food security and nutrition indicators in the West Africa region ...read more
 - Strategic Focus Area 1: Humanitarian-Livelihood assistance and increased food security Development Objective: Improved food and nutrition security and livelihoods of vulnerable groups Immediate objective: Target groups utilize inputs and apply recommended technical advice on agriculture, nutrition, and HIV/AIDS to improve food security
 - Through its emergency and rehabilitation programme, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) aims to strengthen the livelihoods and build the resilience of households and communities before disasters. This is achieved through measures to avoid (prevention) or limit (mitigation) the adverse effects of hazards and to provide ...read more
 - The ending of violent conict and subsequent process of democratization has opened up the political environment and enabled peace and stability to be established in Burundi. However, the most basic needs of the population remain unmet. In addition to the structural challenges faced by the rural community, there has been ...read more
 - The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) aims to strengthen livelihoods and increase household and community resilience before disasters through measures to avoid (prevention) or limit (mitigation) the adverse effects of hazards and provide timely and reliable hazard forecasts and early warning for early action (preparedness). FAO focuses ...read more
 - Depuis la crise sociopolitique de septembre 2002, la Côte d’Ivoire fait face à une instabilité politique et à une insécurité généralisée, ayant contribué à l’effondrement des systèmes de production agricole, et en particulier de la production vivrière, en milieu rural. Au niveau humanitaire, les conséquences de la crise ont été ...read more