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 - An estimated 12.3 million people are currently in need of assistance in the Horn of Africa, including 146 000 people in Djibouti, 4.5 million in Ethiopia, 3.7 million in Kenya, and 4 million in Somalia. Some 750 000 people in Somalia are at risk of death due to famine if ...read more
 - The monsoon floods have affected over 8 million people, damaged/destroyed nearly 1.5 million homes and killed 361 people in Sindh province, as of 21 September. The destruction of standing crops and production inputs has wiped out farmers’ present and future sources of food and income. For many communities, this compounds losses ...read more
 - Somalia remains in crisis. Areas of southern Somalia affected by famine now include the Bay region, Bakool agropastoral livelihood zone, Lower Shabelle region, agropastoral areas of Balcad and Cadale districts of Middle Shabelle, Afgoye corridor internally displaced person (IDP) settlement and Mogadishu IDP community. The Somalia Water and Land Information Management ...read more
 - A total of 4 million people are now in crisis in Somalia and 750 000 are at risk of death in the coming four months. Funding is still significantly below that requested, with FAO’s funding gap for the region at USD 95.8 million. On 5 September 2011, Bay region in ...read more
 - L'Essentiel: Des récoltes moyennes et inégales selon les régions sont attendues au Sahel ; un point sur les scénarios et les capacités de réponse des partenaires est recommandé; Comportement disparate du marché des céréales sèches en fonction de la pluviométrie; Sous-financement des Plans d’Action Humanitaire pour la Côte d’Ivoire +4 et le Liberia, ...read more
 - Sommaire: Appui à l’actualisation du Plan d’Action Forestier National (PAFN) du Togo: Ateliers régionaux de validation de la Politique Forestière du Togo (PFT) et du Plan d’Action Forestier National (PAFN) actualisé; Appui à la relance su secteur semencier au Togo: Voyage d’étude au Maroc sur l’organisation de la filière semencière; Conquième Journée Mondiale ...read more
 - The current emergency affecting Colombia is at present the most severe registered emergency of the past 60 years. The increase in rainfall owing to La Niña has caused unprecedented floods that, according to data by the Government of Colombia, claimed 315 lives and affected 2 325 479 people in the ...read more
 - Torrential monsoon rains have triggered severe flooding in Pakistan, primarily in Sindh Province. Concurrent impact in adjoining vast areas of Balochistan has resulted in serious humanitarian consequences including in South Punjab. In Sindh, the central and southern districts have been the worst affected. These rains caused widespread breaches in the agricultural ...read more
 - GOAL Malawi: Experiences and Lessons Learned in Food Security and Agriculture DRR In parts of Malawi, including Nsanje district in the south, 80-100% crop failure is not uncommon due to cli-mate shocks experienced at critical crop growth stages. As a result, farmers not only lose their main source of food but ...read more
 - Depuis près d’une année, le mouvement de rapatriement est resté très faible alors que le rapatriement a occupé d’importants volets humanitaires depuis 2002. Ainsi, l’UNHCR indique avoir facilité le rapatriement de plus 510.000 personnes depuis cette période. D’après la récente réunion tripartite Burundi/ Tanzanie/HCR d’août 2011 à Makamba, 37.000 Burundais ...read more