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 -  Ongoing conflict has affected more than 4 million people across Syria, including 2 million internally displaced persons. A further 664 000 people have fled to neighbouring countries. Agricultural damage and losses are estimated at USD 1.8 billion. 4 million people are at risk of food insecurity – indicating a 33 percent increase ...read more
 - FAO’s development programme is designed to respond to the priorities of the Government of Kenya as outlined in the Agricultural Sector Development Strategy (ASDS) 2010-2020 and Vision 2030. Through the sharing of knowledge and best practices, we aim to strengthen the capacity of the Government and other partners. We are ...read more
 - Current Situation: Strongest recorded winter storm in recent decades in the West Bank and Gaza Strip brought rainfall exceeding between 95% to 177% in the West Bank and 70% to 119% in the Gaza Strip of the normal for the same period. MoA reported an estimated 5,700 dunums of partially or completely ...read more
 - This brief presents an overview of the latest innovations being implemented by FAO’s Emergency Rehabilitation and Coordination Unit (ERCU) in Zimbabwe between 2009 and 2011. Lessons learned from these projects are being used to inform decisions about the best approach for scaling up in the 2011/12 season as part of ...read more
 - In this issue: FSL Sector News New Training Centre Opens Protecting Crops from Animals
 - This year’s Consolidated Appeals Process (CAP) draws attention to acute humanitarian needs in 16 countries, calling for financial support to help save the lives and livelihoods of some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people. The 2013 CAP shows that conflict, natural disasters, climate change and volatile food prices continue ...read more
 - Despite positive political developments in Yemen, security is volatile in some parts of the country, especially in the south, and poverty, hunger and malnutrition are rife. The combination of high food prices – Yemen imports more than 90 percent of its food – declining agricultural production and reduced incomes, makes ...read more
 - The prolonged stalemate in the Middle East peace process, ongoing conflict, destruction of property and restricted access to land, water, goods and services make it increasingly difficult for families in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to provide for themselves. An estimated 1.3 million people are food insecure. With limited ...read more
 - Over 6.9 million Sudanese are currently in need of humanitarian assistance. Recurrent natural disasters, continued conflict and low levels of domestic food production, combined with a weakening economy, have rendered people more vulnerable. In 2012, losses in oil revenue linked to the ongoing dispute with South Sudan forced the Government ...read more