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 - Sommaire: Prévention et lutte contre la grippe aviaire: Dans le cadre des activités du projet FAO grippe aviaire financé par l’Union Européenne (UE), le mois de septembre 2010 a été essentiellement marqué par l’organisation de quatre ateliers; Renforcement des bases de sécurité alimentaire des ménages vulnérables au Togo: Dans le cadre de ce projet ...read more
 - A l’instar des autres pays de la région ouest-africaine, le Sénégal a enregistré aux mois d’août et de septembre 2009 des pluies diluviennes qui ont provoqué d’importantes inondations en milieu périurbain et rural. Plus de 30 000 foyers de la banlieue de Dakar ont été sinistrés, ainsi que 5 732 ...read more
 - This issue comes at a time when we are preparing to celebrate World Food Day, which falls on October, 16 every year. This year’s theme is United against Hunger; chosen to recognize efforts made by all actors in the fight against hunger. In this issue, you will read about the ...read more
 - Inside this issue: • From the Desk of FAOR Kenya • From the Desk of Regional Manager a.i • Workshop for Regional Strategy • Meet the ECTAD Eastern Africa Team • Busia Cross-Border Simulation • Promoting Networks in the Region • Participation in IRCM • ECTAD Mission and Mandate • Upcoming Regional Events
 - Selega Farmer’s Cooperative Get Power Tiller Women of the Selega Farmers Cooperative gathered around the power tiller provided by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) with funding from the European Union Food Facility (EUFF). All eyes were set on one of the cooperative members, Lawrence Ballah, as ...read more
 - Beginning on 22 July 2010, Pakistan was struck by torrential monsoon rains, causing the most severe floods in living memory. According to official estimates to date, the floods have affected 17.2 million individuals, killed 1 539 people and damaged/destroyed 1.2 million homes. Evacuations and major new flooding have been reported ...read more
 - It is more than two weeks since the onset of the 2010 monsoon and the heaviest torrential rains ever recorded in Pakistan, which triggered flash and riverine floods that ravaged large parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and Punjab and continue to devastate Sindh and Baluchistan as the water moves southward. ...read more
 - Heavy monsoon rains struck Pakistan between late July and August 2010, triggering the most catastrophic flooding in living history. The floods have affected 15.4 million people, leaving at least 1 600 people dead and 893 000 homes damaged or destroyed across four provinces. Buildings, infrastructure and communication facilities have been ...read more
 - The 2010 monsoon season brought the heaviest rains ever recorded in Pakistan, triggering flash and riverine floods that have devastated large parts of the country. The floods left widespread destruction in northern Pakistan and are currently heading south causing severe losses in Punjab and Sindh provinces. According to Government estimates, ...read more
 - Over the course of July and early August 2010, Pakistan experienced the worst monsoon-related floods in living memory. Heavy rainfall, flash floods and riverine floods have devastated large parts of Pakistan since the arrival of seasonal monsoon rains on 22 July. Assessments of losses and damages are ongoing, but estimates ...read more