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 - Heavy monsoon rains beginning in mid-August have led to severe flooding in southern Pakistan. Sindh province has been hardest hit, with nearly all of the deaths, casualties and damages caused by the floods, spread across all 23 districts. The floods have affected over 9.3 million people, damaged/destroyed more than 1.5 ...read more
 - L'Essentiel: Baisse attendue des productions agricoles et fourragères dans certaines zones du Sahel; Raffermissement des prix des céréales locales, niveau élevé des prix des denrées importées dans le bassin ouest; Les stocks de sécurité sont à des niveaux bas au Niger et en Mauritanie.
 - The current economic hardships being experienced around the world are pushing more people into poverty while others are going hungry or reducing their daily food rations. You will find, in this issue, information about this year’s World Food Day theme – “Food Crisis – from crisis to stability”, that was ...read more
 - FAO continues to emphasize the need to work with governments and regional authorities to ensure a comprehensive response to the crisis that encompasses: (i) saving lives and livelihoods; (ii) promoting early recovery; and (iii) supporting sustainable livelihoods and strengthening the resilience of households and the food systems on which they ...read more
 - The monsoon floods have affected over 8.2 million people, damaged/destroyed nearly 1.5 million homes and killed over 400 people in Sindh province and Balochistan, as of 26 September. Sindh province has been hardest hit, with over 8 million people affected, over 400 deaths and nearly 1.5 million homes damaged or ...read more
 - An estimated 12.3 million people are currently in need of assistance in the Horn of Africa, including 146 000 people in Djibouti, 4.5 million in Ethiopia, 3.7 million in Kenya, and 4 million in Somalia. Some 750 000 people in Somalia are at risk of death due to famine if ...read more
 - The monsoon floods have affected over 8 million people, damaged/destroyed nearly 1.5 million homes and killed 361 people in Sindh province, as of 21 September. The destruction of standing crops and production inputs has wiped out farmers’ present and future sources of food and income. For many communities, this compounds losses ...read more
 - Somalia remains in crisis. Areas of southern Somalia affected by famine now include the Bay region, Bakool agropastoral livelihood zone, Lower Shabelle region, agropastoral areas of Balcad and Cadale districts of Middle Shabelle, Afgoye corridor internally displaced person (IDP) settlement and Mogadishu IDP community. The Somalia Water and Land Information Management ...read more
 - A total of 4 million people are now in crisis in Somalia and 750 000 are at risk of death in the coming four months. Funding is still significantly below that requested, with FAO’s funding gap for the region at USD 95.8 million. On 5 September 2011, Bay region in ...read more
 - L'Essentiel: Des récoltes moyennes et inégales selon les régions sont attendues au Sahel ; un point sur les scénarios et les capacités de réponse des partenaires est recommandé; Comportement disparate du marché des céréales sèches en fonction de la pluviométrie; Sous-financement des Plans d’Action Humanitaire pour la Côte d’Ivoire +4 et le Liberia, ...read more