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 - Highlights 2.5 million people need immediate humanitarian assistance; and one in five Central Africans is now internally displaced. These figures are likely to rise as the conflict places millions at risk of a full-scale food and nutrition security crisis due to low production in 2013 coupled with prevailing chronic countrywide malnutrition, ...read more
 -  At the end of February, new fighting was reported in Malakal town, Upper Nile State, raising concern about further displacement and the conditions of populations in and around the town. January is usually when cattle keepers begin migrating in search of water and pastures, following designated routes. However, the violence has ...read more
 - Key points The food security situation is deteriorating in certain regions of Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal and Chad due to an early start of the lean season Results of the latest food security surveys in Senegal and Mauritania indicate a critical situa-tion for poor households in the Zones-at-Risk Since December 2013, cereal prices ...read more
 - Durant la première décade de février 2014, les estimations de FEWS-NET indiquaient que la plage optimale pluviométrique correspondant aux besoins du Criquet migrateur malgache avait été atteinte dans toute la Grande-Île. La pluviosité enregistrée variait de 0 à 77,5 mm dans l’Aire de multiplication initiale, de 0 à 35,4 mm ...read more
 - En janvier 2014, suite aux passages des dépressions tropicales formées dans le canal de Mozambique, des pluies relativement importantes ont été enregistrées dans la Grande-Île. Le développement des strates herbeuses a progressé et leur taux de verdissement dépassait 85%. Les facteurs météorologiques, vents et pluviométrie, liés à ces dépressions tropicales ...read more
 - HIGHLIGHTS Despite the 2013 harvest in the Sahel being equivalent to the last five years average, more than 20 million people are still food insecure. The agricultural production of the poorest households is insufficient to restore their livelihoods and is expected to cover only their nutritional needs for the next two ...read more
 - Durant la 3ème décade de janvier 2014, la Grande-Île a été amplement arrosée selon les estimations de FEWS-NET. Dans l’ensemble des acrido-régions, la pluviométrie était supérieure à 125 mm, à l’exception d'une partie de l’Aire transitoire de multiplication et de l’Aire de densation du compartiment Sud de l'Aire grégarigène. Dans ...read more
 - An FAO/WFP Crop and Food Security Assessment Mission (CFSAM) visited South Sudan from 18 October to 29 November 2013 to estimate cereal production and assess the overall food security situation. Highlights: In 2013, despite the impact of floods and insecurity in some areas, generally favourable rains and absence of major outbreaks of ...read more
 - In order to respond to the most immediate needs of crisis-affected populations, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in the Republic of South Sudan will undertake emergency rapid response interventions to ensure the distribution of time-critical inputs, while increasing food production and protecting livelihoods. FAO will work ...read more
 - The humanitarian situation in South Sudan has steadily deteriorated since the outbreak of fighting in Juba on 15 December. Displacement continues to rise –  almost 730 000 people are now estimated to have fled their homes to more secure areas within the country, including UN bases. A further 145 000 ...read more