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 - Con su hijo a cuestas y acompañada de su perro, Elizabeth Mávila viene a empadronarse a la Municipalidad de Ticrapo en el departamento de Huancavelica, en Perú. Tiene dos hectáreas de tierra y ha venido a recibir semilla de cebada, arveja y avena para sembrar. En el municipio vienen entregando ...read more
 - The purpose of this document1 is to provide FAO’s past, current and prospective new donors with a brief update of FAO’s emergency programme in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPR Korea) during the past 12 months and to request financial support for up to eight operations being initiated as ...read more
 - The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is appealing for USD 73 307 596 million under the 2008 Work Plan for the Sudan, which outlines the international community’s planned support to humanitarian, recovery and development programming. Given the importance of agriculture to the Sudan’s economy, FAO’s assistance ...read more
 - Total funding required: US$24 592 550 Proposals included in this document: Rapid Response Fund to assist farmers affected by natural and human-made disasters; Rapid Response Fund to assist stockbreeders af fected by natural and human-made disasters; Assistance for the rehabilitation of f looded areas and sustainable livelihood recovery for food insecure populations in the ...read more
 - La Représentation de l'Organisation des Nations Unies pour l'Alimentation et l'Agriculture (FAO) en République centrafricaine a le plaisir d'informer les bénéficiaires de ses programmes, les partenaires techniques et financiers et les administrations en charge de la promotion du secteur rural de la parution de son journal trimestriel FAO INFO. Ce ...read more
 - The Plan of Action (PoA) is a planning tool conceived to concretely and efficiently set a technically appropriate framework for interventions by the Uganda FSAL agencies in Northern Uganda in the 2008/09 period. It is a ‘live’ and dynamic document reflecting the premise, progress, and results of a crisis management ...read more
 - Total funding requested: USD 7 335 000 Proposals included in this document: Agriculture sector coordination and food security monitoring Protection of farmers’ livelihoods in the Jordan Valley through emergency agricultural interventions Emergency support to needy fishers in Gaza Strip to restore their fishing activities Emergency support to small ruminant (sheep and goats) farmers in the ...read more
 - FAO’s interventions in the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea have helped to establish sustainable and improved working methods across many sectors. However, financial support for the double cropping programme is only assured until early 2008. The projects in 2007 supported the transition from emergency relief to long-term recovery programming ...read more
 - The rainfall season of 2007 is coming to an end; at this stage only Southern Sudan regions and the Eastern coastal regions of Red Sea are able to enjoy some rainfall. The period of mid-October to early November was markedly dry across most of Sudan, though with South Kordofan still enjoying ...read more