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Central African Republic - Executive brief 17 December 2013
 - Highlights Nearly the entire population of the Central African Republic – 4.6 million people – has been affected by the deterioratinghumanitarian situation. An estimated 2 million people are in need of humanitarian aid, 1.3 million people are in need of food aid and 500 000 have been internally displaced. Agriculture accounts for ...read more
Situation Update: Locust Crisis in Madagascar - 10 December 2013
 - The adult locust populations (winged locusts) which had survived the dry and cool season matured and laid eggs during October. In the invasion area, hatching started in late October and continued until the first decade of November, giving rise to hopper groups and bands, which developed under good ecological conditions ...read more
Madagascar - Locust situation bulletin (2013-D33) in FRENCH
 - SOMMAIRE Conditions éco-météorologiques Situation acridienne Situation antiacridienne Annexes
Situation Update: The Sahel Crisis - 10 December 2013
 -  Despite the 2013 harvest in the Sahel being equivalent to the last five years average, preliminary figures indicate that at least 13 million people (excluding Nigeria) are still food insecure, due to limited access to food. The agricultural production of the poorest households is insufficient to restore their livelihoods and is expected to ...read more
Madagascar - Locust situation bulletin (2013-D32) in FRENCH
 - SOMMAIRE Conditions éco-météorologiques Situation acridienne Situation antiacridienne Annexes
Typhon Haiyan - Map of affected persons by province
 - Typhoon Haiyan hit the Samar Island of the Philippines on 8 November 2013. This map depicts Typhoon Haiyan’s path and the number of people it affected in various regions.
Farmer Field Schools engage women and men in genderbased violence prevention
 - FAO’s Junior and adult Farmer Field and Life Schools (J/FFLS) are addressing the root causes of gender-based violence and helping to prevent and mitigate the effects of HIV in northern Uganda through the provision of key life skills and knowledge in agricultural production and nutrition.
Community based service improves livestock health in Karamoja
 - A community based service is helping to improve livestock health among the pastoral and agro pastoral communities in Karamoja in Uganda.
Village Savings and Loan Schemes empower women in Karamoja
 - Karamoja in Uganda is one of the most underserved areas in terms of financial services, leaving a big proportion of the population unbanked. Only two out of the seven districts have a presence of banks. The absence of these facilities makes it difficult for the farmers in the region to ...read more
Reviving cassava production in Northern Uganda
 - Although the consumption of cassava in northern Uganda reduced during the 20 years of war and displacement, the crop is now back in the diet of the resettled communities, thanks to the efforts of FAO, Government of Uganda, development partners and smallholder farmers, who are at the centre of multiplication ...read more