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 - Dans ce numéro: Préparation de la campagne agricole 2009 Campagne maraîchère 2008/09 Le cadre intégré de classification de la sécurité alimentaire(IPC) à travers le Projet de suivi et analyse de la sécurité alimentaire (OSRO/CAF/805/NET) La Facilité alimentaire de l’Union européenne Renforcement des moyens d’existence : Projet Repeuplement Caprin dans les zones sinistrées du nord Les projets ...read more
 - FAO’s main objective in the West Bank and Gaza Strip is to provide a safety net for food insecure farming/herding households whose traditional livelihoods are endangered and whose coping mechanisms are overstretched. Food security information and analysis is also a key area for FAO in the West Bank and Gaza ...read more
 - Cyclone Nargis caused more destruction and human suffering than any natural disaster in Myanmar’s history. Over 2.4 million people were affected, nearly 140 000 died and 33 754 suffered severe injury. The vast majority of displaced persons (0.8 million) lost all of their possessions, including the productive assets they need ...read more
 - In 2007 a total of 414 natural disasters were reported, spread over some 115 countries, killing 16 847 people, affecting more than 211 million others and causing economic damages amounting to USD 75 billion. This is part of a trend of rising disaster frequency, and in this context, protecting and ...read more
 - Following the droughts in 2006 and 2008, the present shortfall in precipitation for this year is compounding the water shortage situation in the West Bank. This deepening crisis is exasperating the perilous position of many rural communities. Drought is now becoming a chronic event and the response needs to be ...read more
 - Volume 3: Evaluation initiale de l’impact sur les moyens d’existence Entre juin 2005 et juin 2006, 404 catastrophes liées aux risques naturels ont été enregistrées dans 115 pays, ayant causé la mort de plus de 93 000 personnes, affecté presque 157 millions de personnes et ayant engendré des pertes économiques d’une ...read more
 - As the shaky ceasefires announced in Israel and Gaza on 17 and 18 January continue, FAO staff and partners can survey the full extent of the damage inflicted on agricultural property and assets by the recent armed conflict in the Gaza Strip. Operation Cast Lead, lasting from 27 December until ...read more
 - The recent conflict in the Gaza Strip has seen extensive damage inflicted on local infrastructure, with preliminary estimates placing the financial extent of the destruction at almost USD 1 billion. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and other agencies believe that almost all of Gaza’s 10 ...read more
 - The risk of natural hazard varies from moderate to high across Myanmar and is characterized essentially by small- and medium-scale but frequent events. Cyclone Nargis (2 and 3 May 2008) is by far the most devastating natural disaster in Myanmar’s history. It has brought to the fore the extreme vulnerability, ...read more
 - La République de Djibouti (pays situé dans la Corne de l’Afrique, à l’entrée sud de la Mer Rouge – 23.200 km2 avec 372 km de côtes – 650 000 habitants dont plus de 80% concentrés en milieu urbain avec près de 75% à Djibouti-ville – partageant ses frontières avec l’Erythrée, ...read more