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Preliminary results of the 2013-2014 agricultural campaign in the Sahel and West Africa
 - The press release of the regional consultation of the regional information system for Food Crisis Prevention and Management (PREGEC) in the Sahel and West Africa on the agricultural and food outlook (Lomé, 20-22 November 2013) to which FAO, through its Subregional Emergency and Rehabilitation Office for West Africa/Sahel, has participated. ...read more
Madagascar – Human Health and Environment Management Plan for Locust Campaigns – in FRENCH
 - Les invasions acridiennes constituent une menace récurrente pour Madagascar. La plus récente invasion du Criquet migrateur a eu lieu entre 1997 et 2000. L’arrêt de ce long événement acridien a nécessité le traitement de plus de 4 millions d’hectares. Cela a coûté au pays et à la communauté internationale environ ...read more
Madagascar - Locust situation bulletin (2013-D31) in FRENCH
 - SOMMAIRE Conditions éco-météorologiques Situation acridienne Situation antiacridienne Annexes
Joint Statement FAO, WFP and UNICEF on Resilience Collaboration
 - FAO, WFP and UNICEF share the goal of strengthening resilience of the most vulnerable in Eastern and Central Africa. The three agencies confirmed their commitment to play a key role for mobilizing change through resilience building in the region. The agencies made the pledge during a two-day workshop in Nairobi, ...read more
Madagascar - Locust Situation Bulletin N. 8 - October 2013 (in FRENCH)
 - SOMMAIRE Situation écométéorologique Situation acridienne Situation agro-socio-économique Situation antiacridienne Annexes
Madagascar - Locust situation bulletin (2013-D30) in FRENCH
 - SOMMAIRE Conditions éco-météorologiques Situation acridienne Situation antiacridienne Annexes
FAO Kenya Newsletter: October - December 2013
 - This FAO Kenya Newsletter examines our World Food Day activities including the inaugural Media Awards. There are also reports on how sorghum farming is improving livelihoods in various parts of Kenya and the effect of this year’s long rains on food distribution in the country. In addition, we focus on how ...read more
Food Security and humanitarian implications in West Africa and the Sahel - FAO/WFP Joint Note, October 2013
 - Highlights: Average agricultural production levels are expected in the Sahel and West Africa, except in some localized areas The resurgence of locusts in Mauritania requires reinforcement of monitoring and treatment systems The commercial crisis of cashew nut in Guinea Bissau caused a deterioration on household food security
Situation Update: Locust Crisis in Madagascar - 30 October 2013
 - With the onset of the rainy season in late September, ecological conditions are becoming suitable for the maturation of the swarming populations and their subsequent mating and egg-laying (adequate soil moisture and grass greening). Hatching of non-swarming populations was already reported. Several swarms, whose size was of 3 600 hectares on ...read more
Situation Update: The Sahel Crisis - 29 October 2013
 -  The lean season is coming to an end as food crop harvests are ongoing in the Sahel. The poorest households begin to supply their exhausted food stocks but are still facing difficulties accessing adequate food on markets. Aggravating factors such as population displacements and floods affect livelihoods of already vulnerable and ...read more