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Madagascar - Locust Response 2010
 - Since 2009, the Republic of Madagascar has suffered extreme cycles of drought, cyclones and floods. These disasters have had major consequences on agricultural production, and food deficits have increased in particular along the southwestern coast. In addition to these calamities, Madagascar is now at risk of a major upsurge of ...read more
La Representación de FAO en Bolivia: Boletín Informativo No. 1, Julio 2010
 - El 2010 la FAO cumple 31 años de trabajo en Bolivia apoyando al país mediante la ejecución de proyectos de desarrollo agrícola y rural con fondos propios y de países donantes. Hasta la fecha, la FAO ha ejecutado en Bolivia más de 200 proyectos, por un monto de más de ...read more
The status of conservation agriculture in southern Africa: Challenges and opportunities for expansion
 - Regional Emergency Office for Southern Africa (REOSA) Technical Brief 3, July 2010 Achieving food security remains central to many national and regional programmes and policies in southern Africa. Although agricultural productivity has increased in some countries in the region, many countries remain net importers of food and are thus exposed to ...read more
Cultivating sustainable livelihoods: Socioeconomic impacts of conservation agriculture in southern Africa
 - Regional Emergency Office for Southern Africa (REOSA) Technical Brief 2, July 2010 Southern Africa has high levels of food insecurity with stunting levels of more than 20% in several countries. Many countries in the region are net importers of staple food. This is partly due to low staple crop yields, with ...read more
Farming for the future in southern Africa: An introduction to conservation agriculture
 - Regional Emergency Office for Southern Africa (REOSA) Technical Brief 1, July 2010 In southern Africa, high levels of soil degradation and a decline in fertility threaten agricultural productivity. Droughts and/or long dry spells often worsen the situation, resulting in complete crop failures. In the long term, climate change is predicted to ...read more
Système d’Alerte Précoce Surveillance de la Sécurité Alimentaire au Burundi – SAP/SSA: No.94
 - Le processus électoral entamé depuis mai 2010 évolue dans un climat politique tendu. Un désaccord sur le processus des élections règne entre les principaux partis politiques de l’opposition et la CENI (Commission Electorale Nationale Indépendante) et le parti politique au pouvoir. L’origine de la crise est le résultat des scrutins ...read more
FAO Timor-Leste: E-news, Vol. 3, June 2010
 - In this issue: Harvest ceremony - reaping the first sheath UN Joint Programme in Timor Leste for Poverty Alleviation Grass roots training for community leaders Bio-security project to be extended until December 2011 Integration of gender analysis in water and land tenure management
Food Security & Nutrition Working Group Update, Central & Eastern Africa - June 2010
 - Aflatoxin Alert in Eastern Province, Kenya According to the results of a recent survey carried out by the Government of Kenya Ministry of Agriculture approximately 78% of the current stocks of maize held by farmers in Eastern Province ( 3 million bags of maize of 90kg each ) are suspected to ...read more
FAO Uganda Information Bulletin - Vol. 3 Issue 5, May 2010
 - Welcome to the second issue of the FAO - Uganda Information Bulletin in 2010. Farmer Field Schools have proven to be an effective farmer-led extension methodology in Uganda. In 2006, FAO adapted the methodology to the northern Uganda situation as one of the strategies to facilitate the resettlement process in ...read more
Food Security & Nutrition Working Group Update, Central & Eastern Africa - May 2010
 - Regional food security situation update Deteriorating Situation in Southern Sudan Following on from the April FSNWG Update, the food security situation in some parts of Southern Sudan is deteriorating mainly due to the combined effects of poor rains in the last cropping season and consequent crop failure, civil-tribal conflicts, cattle raiding and ...read more