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FAO West Bank and Gaza Strip Newsletter - March 2008
 - FAO‟s main objective in the West Bank and Gaza Strip is to provide a safety net for food insecure farming/herding households whose traditional livelihoods are endangered and whose coping mechanisms are over-stretched. Food security information and analysis is also a key area for FAO in the West Bank and Gaza ...read more
FAO Info - N. 1, Janvier 2008
 - La Représentation de l'Organisation des Nations Unies pour l'Alimentation et l'Agriculture (FAO) en République centrafricaine a le plaisir d'informer les bénéficiaires de ses programmes, les partenaires techniques et financiers et les administrations en charge de la promotion du secteur rural de la parution de son journal trimestriel FAO INFO. Ce ...read more
Sudan Seasonal Monitor - November 2007
 - The rainfall season of 2007 is coming to an end; at this stage only Southern Sudan regions and the Eastern coastal regions of Red Sea are able to enjoy some rainfall. The period of mid-October to early November was markedly dry across most of Sudan, though with South Kordofan still enjoying ...read more
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