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 - While the number of severely food insecure and famine-affected people has fallen since the height of the drought crisis, high food prices and the large displaced population continue to strain food security across the Horn of Africa. In Somalia, the number of people in crisis has fallen from 4 to ...read more
 - - Heavy monsoon rains beginning in mid-August led to severe flooding in Sindh and Balochistan provinces of southern Pakistan, where 70 percent of people depend on agriculture for their livelihood. ‐ Around 10 percent of the flood-affected area remains inundated. ‐ The floods left 3 million people in urgent need of agricultural ...read more
 - The crisis is not over – although the number of people facing famine has fallen to 250 000 in Somalia, the impact of the drought and severe food emergency will extend well into 2012 across the Horn of Africa. There are some signs of hope – good ongoing short rains ...read more
 - Around 3 million flood-affected, food-insecure people in Sindh and Balochistan provinces urgently need agricultural support. One out of three people have been struck by floods both this and last year. Standing crops, stored seed/grain and productive assets have been lost, leaving the population food insecure and unable to resume crop production. Depending ...read more
 - Final Communique: Necessary appropriate responses in order to face the threats of localized food and nutritional crises in the Sahel Subsequent to the 27th meeting of the food crises prevention network in the Sahel and in West Africa, held in Praia, Cape Verde from 8 to 10 December 2011, the regional food ...read more
 - La RDC est le théâtre de l’une des pires crises humanitaires au monde. La bonne tenue des premières élections démocratiques depuis 40 ans à la fin de l’année 2006 et la mise en place d’un nouveau gouvernement début 2007 avaient apporté beaucoup d’espoir dans le pays. Cependant, force est de ...read more
 - Heavy monsoon rains beginning in mid-August have led to severe flooding in Sindh and Balochistan provinces of southern Pakistan. Sindh has been hardest hit, suffering the majority of losses/damage across all districts. More than 3 million flood-affected and food-insecure people (352 000 families) urgently require agricultural support to resume farming ...read more
 - Famine conditions persist in southern Somalia where 3 million people face food insecurity and require emergency life saving and livelihood support at scale. Some 750 000 lives remain at risk and conditions are not likely to improve through December 2011 without large scale multi-sectoral humanitarian assistance. With the secondary harvest ...read more
 - Heavy monsoon rains beginning in mid-August have led to severe flooding in southern Pakistan. Sindh province has been hardest hit, with nearly all of the deaths, casualties and damages caused by the floods, spread across all 23 districts. The floods have affected over 9.3 million people. An estimated 70% people in the ...read more
 - To-date, FAO has received just USD 65 million towards its emergency interventions in response to the drought in the Horn of Africa. A further USD 95 million is still required to assist drought-hit populations in the region. Over 40 000 households (241 458 people) have already participated in FAO’s ongoing ...read more