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FAO Sub-regional Emergency Operations and Rehabilitation Office for West Africa/Sahel: Presentation of Activities, January 2010
 - Within FAO, Emergency Operations and Rehabilitation Coordination Units (ERCUs) are established in countries where interventions are necessary. The FAO’s Sub Regional Emergency Operations and Rehabilitation Office for West Africa / Sahel was created in Dakar in 2006 in order to coordinate its emergency interventions in the sub region with the ...read more
FAO’s Sub-regional Emergency and Rehabilitation Office - West Africa/Sahel: 2010-2013 Strategy
 - Each year the population of West Africa faces crises that may vary in nature or intensity or affect different livelihood zones, but as these shocks are reoccurring in closer succession, more people are trapped in a downward cycle of vulnerability. Food security and nutrition indicators in the West Africa region ...read more
Georgia Spotlight Story: Winter feed crucial to livestock holders
 - In Georgia, livestock production represents 60 percent of the total value of agricultural production. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, livestock farming started developing in Georgia and today there are 1 200 000 livestock, out of which 750 000 are cows. In the middle of ...read more
FAO's Coordination Role in Zimbabwe
 - FAO’s Emergency and Rehabilitation Coordination Unit (ERCU) has been a central provider of agricultural information and technical advice for the humanitarian community in Zimbabwe since 2002. FAO also supports and participates in major national agricultural assessments and surveys, such as national crop assessments, the FAO/World Food Programme Food and Crop ...read more
Appui aux ménages exposés à des crises et Renforcement des Capacités dÁnalyse de la Cellule pour le Suivi de la Sécurité Alimentaire en Afrique de l'Ouest (OSRO/RAF/908/SWE)
 - Le ralentissement de l'activité économique à l'échelle mondiale qui est survenu après la crise alimentaire de 2008 et l'augmentation des prix des produits alimentaires, se sont traduits au niveau des pays en développement comme le Sénégal, par une augmentation de l'insécurité alimentaire qui frappe les populations vulnérables. Dans ce context, la FAO apporte ...read more
Georgia Spotlight Story: Restoring a family's lifeline
 - Tbilisi, Georgia Two kilometres from the border of South Ossetia lies the village of Ditsi (42°12'34"N 44°1'46"E), which was on the front line of the conflict in August 2008. Upon fleeing the residents of Ditsi had to undergo forced changes to their lives, with their harvest damaged or completely lost in ...read more
Georgia Fact Sheet - September 2009
 - The Food and Agricultural Organizations of the United Nations (FAO) responded rapidly to the August 2008 conflict, working with the Government of Georgia and international partners to conduct a comprehensive agricultural sector needs assessment and appeal for emergency agricultural support through the UN Consolidated Appeal Process. The USAID provided a USD5.5 ...read more
Cassava diseases in Africa: a major threat to food security
 - Strategic programme framework 2010-2015 This regional strategic programme framework, entitled “Cassava diseases in central, eastern and southern Africa” (CaCESA), has been prepared by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). It aims to assist countries affected by cassava pests and diseases. These are significantly affecting groups such as internally ...read more
Cadre Harmonisé Bonifié d’Analyse permanente de la vulnérabilité courante: Rapport de synthèse (Mauritanie, Niger, Sénégal)
 - Des initiatives pour prévenir et gérer les crises alim es sont en marche depuis plusieurs décennies au Sahel et en Afrique de l'Ouest : mise en place et animation d'un dispositif régional de suivi de la situation alimentaire et d'un réseau de prévention des crises alimentaires, harmonisation des méthodes des ...read more
Georgia Spotlight Story: The livestock of small scale farmers survive the Georgian winter
 - Tbilisi, Georgia Not far away from the South Ossetian border on a verdant hillside lies the village of Shavshvebi (42°1'18"N 44°13'40"E) surrounded by hundreds of acres of fertile land. The farmers in the village suffered enormously during the armed conflict between Georgia and Russia in August 2008 were working hard during ...read more