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Democratic People's Republic of Korea: Agricultural Rehabilitation and Recovery Programme 2009
 - Each year, FAO assesses the needs in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, in consultation with the relevant ministries, develops a number of project profiles in the most critical areas where interventions are needed and presents them to donors for potential funding. The purpose of this publication is to: (1) present ...read more
Democratic People's Republic of Korea: Special Emergency Programmes Service, October 2008
 - Aid and foreign investment remain below the levels that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea requires to revive key sectors of the economy, in particular agriculture. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has adopted the collective goal of the United Nations (UN) Country Team to assist ...read more
Myanmar Emergency & Rehabilitation Programme: Needs Assessment for the Cyclone Nargis Affected Areas
 - The overall intention of this Needs Assessment (NA) is to elaborate a pragmatic Emergency and Rehabilitation Programme for the geographical area most affected by Cyclone Nargis. Based on the understanding of the pre-cyclone situation, the impact of the natural disaster is assessed in terms of its physical destruction and impact ...read more
Displaced but not passive: the story of Mr Abubaker Yahya
 - For several decades, Darfur has been the scene of disputes and competition between predominantly nomadic pastoralists and settled farming communities over land and dwindling natural resources. In 2003, the conflict escalated from small-scale disputes into a severe humanitarian crisis. One night in September 2003, militias attacked Ardemi village in West Darfur, ...read more
Crisis Management Centre - Animal Health: Rapid Response Missions, September 2006 to April 2008
 - The Crisis Management Centre for Animal Health (CMC-AH) is the lead facility of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) for animal disease emergency response. The CMC-AH unites the extensive technical and operational expertise of FAO’s Animal Health Service and FAO’s Emergency Operations and Rehabilitation Division with ...read more
FAO Emergency Programme in Peru 2008: Farmers of Yauyos are mobilized to recover their livelihoods after the earthquake
 - Percy Hurtado Navarro is the President of the rural community of Santo Domingo, affiliated with more than livestock 70 farmers. He coordinates with local institutions, authorities, water commissions and international humanitarian agencies in order to rehabilitate the irrigation infrastructures damaged by the earthquake that affected Peru, on 15 August 2007. ...read more
Pescando nuevas alternativas en Pisco: FAO apoya con redes, equipos y motores para que pescadores artesanales salgan adelante
 - Antes del terremoto las condiciones en las que trabajaban los pescadores de Pisco eran precarias. En una embarcación de cinco tripulantes, los buzos a todo pulmón y ayudados de una precaria manguera se sumergían hasta lo más profundo para extraer mariscos. Muchos de ellos son informales, lo que genera que ...read more
Una visión para el futuro: Proyecto de crianza de cuyes en distrito de Pisco devela otras alternativas de vida en la zona tras terremoto
 - Apenas pesan entre 1.5 y 3 kilos, pero su carne es una de las más nutritivas de todo el mundo. El cuy es considerado un animal de excelente calidad, alto valor biológico, con elevado contenido de proteína y bajo contenido de grasa en comparación con otras carnes. Es por eso ...read more
Wheat Rust Disease Global Programme
 - Wheat, grown on more than 200 million hectares of land worldwide, is a source of food and livelihoods for over one billion people in developing countries. This important commodity has been greatly affected by recent soaring food prices. Wheat prices have doubled in the last year, largely as a result ...read more
Proteger, Restablecer y Mejorar, después del Terremoto en la Costa del Sur del Perú
 - La FAO, desde agosto de 2007, apoya la reconstitución de los medios de producción agropecuarios y pesqueros en las zonas afectadas por el sismo en el Perú, asistiendo a más de 7000 familias campesinas y pescadores artesanales afectados por el terremoto en 98 distritos de los departamentos de Lima, Ica, ...read more