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 - In 2019, the Niger faced increased insecurity, particularly in the Diffa region and areas along the border with Burkina Faso and Mali, mainly Tahoua and Tillabery, which add to the country’s structural vulnerabilities. This has severely affected agricultural production, increasing the levels of food insecurity among conflict-affected communities. In 2020, ...read more
 - Northeastern Nigeria has faced significant instability for over a decade due to an armed insurgency. More than 1.8 million people remain displaced by the crisis across Adamawa, Borno and Yobe, the worst-affected states. About the same number of people have returned to their villages of origin with little or no ...read more
 - Present in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Sudan and Yemen, desert locusts are at various stages of development (hoppers, immature adults) and forming groups and bands. This is likely to lead to the formation of swarms, which are highly mobile, capable of completely stripping an area’s vegetation and can cause large-scale ...read more
 - Desert locust poses an unprecedented risk to agriculture-based livelihoods and food security in an already fragile region. Over the past few years, consecutive shocks – among them poor rainfall, flooding, macroeconomic crises and armed conflict – have contributed to a significant level of vulnerability.  An estimated 20.2 million people are now facing ...read more
 - The 2018-drought directly affected more than two-thirds of Afghanistan (22 out of total 34 provinces) with around 10.5 million people being most severely affected (of the total 17 million in these 22 provinces). 13.5 million people were facing “Crisis” or worse levels of food insecurity in September 2018 and at ...read more
 - Throughout 2019, Haiti was marked by major natural disasters that add to the effects of those experienced during the past ten years, the cholera epidemic, and the deteriorating socio-political and economic situation. Compounded by the country’s structural weaknesses, vulnerable populations face increased levels of food insecurity and continue to have ...read more
 - This seventh FAO/WFP update to the UNSC covers five countries (Afghanistan, the Central African Republic, Haiti, Somalia and South Sudan) and two regions (the Lake Chad Basin and central Sahel) that are currently experiencing protracted conflict and insecurity and in which, according to latest figures, almost 30 million people need ...read more
 - The past 12 months have seen a rapid increase in African swine fever (ASF) outbreaks around the world. A hardy disease with up to 100 percent mortality rate in pigs and wild boar, ASF has wreaked havoc across many countries, impacting trade, food security and livelihoods.The Emergency Management Centre for ...read more
 - Since the beginning of 2018, Burkina Faso has been facing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. The rapid deterioration of insecurity has resulted in the displacement of nearly half a million people. Difficult field access, the destruction of production infrastructures, livestock loss and looting, as well as the intensification of intercommunal conflict, ...read more
 -  Late rains, extended dry periods, two major cyclones and economic challenges have proved a recipe for disaster for food security and livelihoods across Southern Africa. Currently, 9.3 million people are severely food insecure in the nine most affected countries – a figure that could rise to over 12 million at the ...read more