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FAO Kenya Newsletter: July - September 2012

FAO Kenya Newsletter: July - September 2012
Oct 2012

Following the long rains, some areas of concern have emerged with regard to the food security outlook in Kenya. A poor rainy season in some areas has resulted in poor crop performance (southeastern and coastal areas) and severely impacted pasture performance (northwestern and northeastern pastoral areas). In addition, post-harvest losses due to poor storage facilities and handling practices continue to be one of the major contributing factors to food and nutrition insecurity in Kenya.

FAO continues to work with the Government of Kenya and partners in monitoring the situation and proposing appropriate solutions. FAO believes in using precious donor resources in the most efficient way possible. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by applying simple solutions to complex problems. The Organization's work in promoting the use of metal silos to prevent post-harvest losses illustrates this belief. It also demonstrates how FAO integrates relief initiatives and development in helping to build food secure and resilient communities.