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Sudan Seasonal Monitor - August 2010

Sudan Seasonal Monitor - August 2010
Aug 2010

Rainfall in Sudan mostly results from a northwards movement of humid air masses from March to August and their southwards retreat from September to November. At their northernmost reach, these humid air masses meet with drier and warmer air to form the Inter tropical Converging Zone (ITCZ). Since the rains follow south of the ITCZ, tracking the ITCZ through the season provides a quick evaluation of the seasonal progress of the rainy season and of its quality.

Early July was associated with good amounts of rainfall in the regions of Blue Nile state, parts of Upper Sudan Seasonal Monitor 3 Nile, South Kordufan, West and South Darfur, Bahr Elghazal and Bahr Eljabal, with higher amounts in Abu Naama and Rashad, elsewhere the rainfall amounts were below average especially in East region of the country. Deficit in rainfall was obvious in Eastern part of east Equatoria state and some parts of Jonglei, this may have a negative impacts on the pastoral and water resources in this areas.