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Pakistan Floods 2011 - Executive Brief 27 September 2011

Pakistan Floods 2011 - Executive Brief 27 September 2011
Sep 2011

The monsoon floods have affected over 8.2 million people, damaged/destroyed nearly 1.5 million homes and killed over 400 people in Sindh province and Balochistan, as of 26 September. Sindh province has been hardest hit, with over 8 million people affected, over 400 deaths and nearly 1.5 million homes damaged or destroyed across all 23 districts. Over 0.88 million hectares of standing crops destroyed, including cotton, rice, sugar cane, sorghum, vegetables and pulses. Nearly 90 000 livestock already dead and 5 million surviving livestock directly affected. The Joint Rapid Needs Assessment estimates that over one-third of livestock have been killed or sold.

FAO is seeking USD 18.9 million to address time-critical needs to save, protect and restore agriculture-based livelihoods – the way of life of 80% of people in affected areas – under the Pakistan Floods Rapid Response Plan 2011.