Pakistan Floods 2010 - Executive Brief 7 February 2011

Pakistan Floods 2010 - Executive Brief 7 February 2011
Feb 2011

The 2010 monsoon floods affected the lives of over 18 million people and took an enormous toll on the rural poor. Around 80 percent of people in the affected areas depend on agriculture to provide for their families. A large majority lost their immediate and future sources of food and income, such as standing crops, seed stocks, livestock, fishery assets, farming equipment and tools. Thanks to the generosity of the above donors, FAO has been working to restore the food production of around 900 000 families in Pakistan.

FAO’s assistance to flood-affected families in KPK, Punjab, Balochistan and Sindh includes approximately:

  • 590 018 households (4 720 144 people): receiving wheat, oat, vegetable, rice, sunflower and canola seeds and fertilizers for the winter and spring planting seasons.
  • At least 25 250 households (202 000 people): benefiting from small-scale irrigation infrastructure repairs.
  • 293 787 households (2 350 296 people): receiving animal feed, fodder seed and veterinary supplies to safeguard livestock survival.