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Pakistan Floods 2010 - Executive Brief 25 November 2010

Pakistan Floods 2010 - Executive Brief 25 November 2010
Nov 2010

Agriculture provides a livelihood to 80 percent of the flood-affected population in Pakistan. Extensive damage was caused to all subsectors (crops, livestock, fisheries, forestry). It is vital to ensure crop production is resumed by as many farmers as possible through winter (Rabi) and into spring (Kharif) planting.

FAO’s flood response programme is reaching approximately: 511 180 families with inputs for winter (Rabi) planting; 280 030 families with animal feed/veterinary supplies; and at least 25 250 families with irrigation support. Increasing support must be channeled to keep livestock alive during winter; maximize the output of winter (Rabi) planting; prepare for spring (Kharif) planting; and scale up irrigation repair, which is vital to both seasons.